Save Stand Your Ground Law!

In 2017, Iowans finally finished a six year battle to pass Stand-Your-Ground law which removed the old ‘duty to retreat’ and allows Iowans to defend themselves from violent criminals in public.

But now violent mobs of Antifa radicals are demanding a repeal of this wonderful law, demanding that law abiding Iowans retreat in the face of violent thugs.

Recently they mobbed the Iowa Capitol in an attempt to burn the building to the ground and were only stopped with waves of tear gas and flashbangs!

These are lawless thugs, and we can’t give them an inch or gun owners will go back to the days of being prosecuted for the ‘crime’ of defending themselves!

But a growing number of socialists in Des Moines support repealing Stand-Your-Ground law! Fight back, sign your petition and demand that the politicians in Des Moines leave our Stand-Your-Ground law alone!

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