Iowa’s economy must be reopened for business — right now! 

If not, we will watch the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones be destroyed over a virus that is far less deadly than the flu or driving down Iowa’s interstates and highways

The fact is, our economy is faltering tremendously, with over 165,000 Iowans already out of work. 

Epidemiologists and scientists around the world are already dramatically revising their previous doomsday models downwards, declaring that this disease will be far less deadly than previously thought. And President Trump has been very clear that we must get America back to work very quickly or the “cure” to this terrible disease maybe worse that the disease itself!

If we continue down the path we have been on, if we continue to shutter our businesses and cease production in Iowa, our economy will be dealt a death blow.

We absolutely must prioritize the future of this state, the livelihoods of its families, the ability to provide for our own and the economic security of our workers if we are going to save it!

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is proving to the world that we don’t need to sacrifice the future of our families, the working class, our retirements, and our young ones in order to keep our population safe.

Don’t let another week of this economic destruction go by! Please send your pre-written email to Governor Reynolds and your state lawmakers, telling them to REOPEN IOWA for business now!