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Move SAPA Legislation Through Judiciary

Joe Biden’s pistol brace ban takes effect on May 31st and unless the legislature passes the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HF-147), Biden will be able to compel Iowa cops to enforce this tyrannical mandate that was never voted on in Congress!

Make no mistake: this isn’t about pistol braces. It’s about a rogue President mandating gun control by Executive Order and forcing our cops to do his dirty work.

That’s why the Iowa legislature needs to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would require Iowa cops to enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories — effectively nullifying Biden’s war on gun owners in our state.

SAPA legislation has been upheld by the courts, is law in Missouri, and just passed a House Judiciary Sub-Committee which means it can be voted on by the full Judiciary Committee and sent to the House for a full floor vote!

But Bloomberg and dozens of other lobby organizations are trying to block this bill in Des Moines.

So please send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to the members of the House Judiciary Committee and urge them to pass H.F. 147 through their committee right away, with no weakening amendments.  

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Iowa Gun Owners so we can keep fighting for you in Des Moines! Get involved at!