Chip in $10


Whereas: Joe Biden has already signed a series of Executive Orders that will unilaterally make popular firearms accessories illegal here in Iowa. These orders are expected to take effect in just a couple of weeks, but Biden is counting on Iowa cops to enforce this; and

Whereas: The Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) would nullify federal gun control, by instructing Iowa peace officers to ignore federal gun control laws and to only enforce Iowa law where my gun rights are concerned.

Whereas: What makes SAPA so effective are the $50,000 civil penalties that are built into the bill. But if moderates remove these ‘teeth,’ then this legislation will become nothing more than a paperweight, and liberal cities will violate SAPA law any time they want!

Therefore: As the Chairman of these Committees, I am urging you to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act this session and do so WITHOUT approving any weakening amendments. This is an election year, and I will be watching this bill very closely!