Aaron Dorr

What to Bring to the Gun Rights Rally!

The Iowa Gun Owners membership rally is only ten days away! Already, over 800 Iowa gun owners have reserved their free tickets and have made plans to attend this event! As you have likely heard, this is going to be a jam-packed event for the entire family, including: >>> A machine gun range where you can test-fire full auto firearms for a fee; >>> Political updates from Iowa lawmakers; >>>

Machine Guns and Bounce Houses!

The Iowa Gun Owners 2018 Membership rally is just over two weeks away, and this is shaping up to be our best event ever! Already over 700 Iowans have registered to attend this event –- so if you haven’t signed up for your free tickets, please do so further down in this email. More on that below. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure that you knew this is

Senator Rick Bertrand to Speak at Gun Rights Rally!

As the 2018 Iowa Gun Owners membership rally gets closer, I wanted to make you aware of another speaker that you will get a chance to meet and hear from. By now, every gun owner in Iowa has likely heard about gun rights champion and State Senator, Rick Bertrand. After all, it was Senator Bertrand who lead the charge for Stand-Your-Ground law for six long years, a fight that was

Announcing Keynote Speaker for Gun Rights Rally!

A month from tomorrow, hundreds of your fellow gun owners will be converging on Mt. Auburn for the 2018 Iowa Gun Owners Membership rally! As you have likely heard, this is going to be an awesome family event with machine guns, a pistol range for new shooters, and a variety of updates on the fight for gun rights. Of course, we will be talking about the battle for Second Amendment

Gun Control on Steroids!

‘Gun owners in Iowa need to sit up and realize that it’s not the Fall of 2016 anymore, and they have lost the momentum in the fight for the Second Amendment.’ This is what a long-time political consultant in Iowa told me in a meeting late this week, after watching clips from the recent democratic gubernatorial primary. And honestly, he’s mostly right. You see, in the fall of 2016, Iowa

Aiding and Abetting Mass Murder!

86 minutes. The Houston Chronicle waited 86 minutes before they began beating the drum for gun control, in the wake of a mass shooting at a Houston metro school this morning that has claimed 10 lives so far. Honestly, I’m surprised that it took that long. You see, the playbook for the radical left is always the same: wait for a tragedy, make sure our propaganda talking points run around

Constitutional Carry on the Move!

Last week, Constitutional Carry passed the House by a vote of 59-28! Last night, it passed the Senate by a vote of 33-9 and is now on the Governor’s desk. Insiders tell us she is likely to sign the bill — making Oklahoma the 14th Constitutional Carry state! That’s right, this expansion of Second Amendment freedom is playing out in nearby Oklahoma, not Iowa. Here in Iowa, as we enter

Do You Want to Shoot the Belt Fed M249 or the M16?

If you are attending the 2018 Iowa Gun Owners Membership Rally on June 16, you will face some tough decisions. After all, with over 75 full-auto machine guns on site to test fire, which one will you shoot first? The belt-fed M249 .223 light machine gun is always a crowd favorite, especially when you rock and roll with a 100-round belt in it! Then again, for something a little lighter,

2018 Iowa Gun Owners Membership Rally!

As the 2018 session winds down and with the calls for gun control here in Iowa growing louder than ever, there’s never been a better time to make plans to attend the 2018 Iowa Gun Owners Membership Rally! Already hundreds of gun owners have signed up to attend, and I hope you will too. The Second Amendment is under attack right now, from all sides. In the Senate, weak kneed

Iowa House Leadership Backing Dangerous ‘Red Flag’ Gun Seizures?

‘I can not, for the life of me, understand how Matt Windschitl and House Leadership are backing this awful legislation! What the heck happened to them?’ That’s what Cheryl, from Tama, said when she called our officer earlier this week, outraged about our recent email alert. In case you missed it, Iowa House Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl recently announced during an Iowa Press TV interview, that he’s working to cobble