Aaron Dorr

Utter Contempt

“They don’t give a rip about us, the ones who put them in office in the first place. They have utter contempt for us –- and that’s a two-way street.” That was the reaction I got on the phone when I first walked into the office this morning and began receiving calls from IGO members who saw our video last night. In a display of sheer cowardice, the Iowa Senate

Constitutional Carry Scheduled for a Full Committee Vote This Week!

Constitutional Carry continues to advance in the Iowa Senate, and is now scheduled for a vote in the full Judiciary Committee! The committee is scheduled to vote on the bill THIS THURSDAY! This is a fantastic step, but now we need your help to ensure that this bill moves through the Judiciary Committee as soon as possible. It is not a ‘done deal’ that we are going to pass this

In Case You Weren’t There Thursday...

If you weren’t able to make it to the Iowa legislature this past week to participate in or observe the sub-committee on Constitutional Carry legislation, you’re in luck. Iowa Gun Owners was proud to testify in support of our Constitutional Carry bill, and to be joined by Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America. Speaking personally, I was very happy to get a chance to meet with IGO members who

Come Meet Larry Pratt Tomorrow!

There’s a line on the movie Braveheart, “It must be a fashionable fight, it’s drawn the finest people!” Well, the fight to pass Constitutional Carry here in Iowa must be fashionable, because I’m happy to announce that Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt will be in the legislature tomorrow, to testify on behalf of this bill! And as a member of Iowa Gun Owners, I hope you’ll come on out

Constitutional Carry Passes Senate Panel!

Earlier today a Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee considered and approved Constitutional Carry legislation (S.F. 2106) for Iowa! Thank you to everyone who contacted members of the sub-committee and to those who showed up for the hearing earlier today. This is a fantastic step forward for this bill, which now goes to the full Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee needs to approve this bill by NEXT THURSDAY for it to remain alive

Constitutional Carry Hearing This Thursday!

Gun grabbers in Des Moines are starting to panic. You see, no one thought that Constitutional Carry would pick up 7-8 cosponsors when it was filed this year — much less 18! And capitol insiders were convinced that this bill would never be assigned to a sub-committee — much less a sub-committee featuring multiple pro-gun legislators! But now that our Constitutional Carry (S.F. 2106) bill will be heard before a

ISSDA and National Gun Control Groups Trying to Stop Constitutional Carry!

The pressure over Constitutional Carry is getting hot as we approach the Senate Sub-Committee tomorrow at 12:00pm! I wanted to make sure you knew that just yesterday, the Iowa State Sheriff and Deputies Association (ISSDA) came out beating their tired gun control drum and are officially opposing Constitutional Carry. This is not a surprise, as they’ve opposed Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground law for a decade. That said, please remember this

MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS on Constitutional Carry!

The past week brought some exciting developments in our fight to pass Constitutional Carry law in Iowa! At the risk of giving it all away, Constitutional Carry has been assigned to a Senate Sub-Committee and will be heard this week Thursday at 12:00pm! (NOTE: When this video was produced the time was slated for 8am, so the video is incorrect. We will meet at noon.) More, insiders report to us

Constitutional Carry Assigned to Committee!

After picking up an impressive 18 cosponsors, Constitutional Carry legislation was just referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. In addition, the bill was assigned a bill number of S.F. 2106 -– use this number when talking to your legislators about this bill. Now the real work begins, moving Constitutional Carry through the committee process and onto the Senate floor for a vote. We will give you information on the sub-committee

Gun Rights Video Update from the Statehouse

With so much happening this week in our push to advance Constitutional Carry, we wanted to make sure you had the latest information. That’s why we’ve prepared this short video update for you! Please watch it, and then share this with your friends or family so they can get involved in this effort.  After you’ve watched it, please help us in the following ways: First, we need your support to