Aaron Dorr

Des Moines Register Calls for Violence Against Gun Owners

“I would tie [Second Amendment Supporters] to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they say the light on gun control.  And it that didn’t work, I’d adopt radical measures…” If gun owners called for violence against anti-gun politicians, we’d be locked up. But when the Des Moines Register calls for violence against gun owners…it’s protected speech. Tired of the double standard?

Legislative Session Begins, Threats to Gun Rights Emerge

The 2013 legislative session is officially underway as of today and Iowa Gun Owners staff was on hand to watch as pro-gun stalwarts like Representative Tom Shaw, Representative Jason Schultz , and Representative Dwayne Alons got sworn back into office. We were also pleased to watch other newly elected office holders get sworn in who won their seats in part due to the help they received from IGO PAC. It’s

Liberal Des Moines Register Comes to Baudler's Aid

“…one group stands out for its sheer, undisguised brazenness.” This is what the liberal columnist Rekha Basu, from the Des Moines Register, had to say about Iowa Gun Owners and your efforts to protect and defend your 2nd Amendment rights over the last few days. You see, it was a long week at the Capitol for the anti-gun Representative Clel Baudler. Hundreds and hundreds of you have called the Capitol

Clel Baudler: 4 Years of Gutting the 2nd Amendment

Over the last few days many of you have been contacting Public Safety Chairman Representative Clel Baudler strongly urging him to stop his blockade of Constitutional Carry and to stop weakening the plethora of other gun bills that are being gutted, stripped and weakened by Clel  in his committee. Some of you have been contacting our office wanting to know more about the record of Rep. Baudler, as Baudler has

Baudler GUTS another gun bill!!

“…I will support the amendment, and I will ask the members of my committee to support the amendment.” So went another day in the House Public Safety Committee as Chairman Clel Baudler tried to force the members of his caucus to virtually destroy yet another gun bill. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of the House Leadership team allowing this anti-gunner to run roughshod over

Public Safety Chair Baudler REFUSES Action on Constitutional Carry!

I just walked out of a House Sub-Committee on another gun bill. The air in the Capitol is different this year. Legislators know that there are elections coming this year and many of them did virtually nothing to advance the 2nd Amendment last year when they had the chance. Last week the House Public Safety Committee passed out the Iowa Stand-Your-Ground bill that would provide great protections to Iowans who