Aaron Dorr

Iowa City Council Pushing Gun Control - We Need Your Help TODAY!

I wondered who would be calling me so late last night as my cell phone rang, before I remember that I’d set the office line to forward to my cell before I left the Iowa Gun Owners office earlier in the day. But late last night I started getting calls, emails, and Facebook messages from IGO members in NW Iowa alerting me to an anti-gun ordinance being voted on by

Speaker Kraig Paulsen KILLS Constitutional Carry Legislation

The pressure was as high as I’ve ever seen it at the Capitol yesterday as politicians of both political parties were scrambling to figure out what to do with all the calls and emails they’ve been receiving from IGO members in their districts. Their fear was palatable. One legislator with a questionable record on the 2nd Amendment who is facing a primary this June, whined, “I never knew how angry

Vote Coming on Constitutional Carry in Iowa House

Dear Fellow Patriot,                       March 24, 2014 As the 2014 legislative session has worn on it’s become painfully apparent that we don’t have pro-gun leadership in either the Senate or the House. Both chambers are filled with legislators on both sides of the aisle who talk a pro-gun talk but refuse to take action. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of being lied to and being used by

Spin, Half-Truth, and Outright Lies in Des Moines

Dear Fellow Patriot,                    March 17, 2014                   “Don’t you see, Iowa Gun Owners is really an anti-gun organization…trying to make it harder for you to carry weapons for self-defense. The reason I’m killing their ‘Constitutional Carry’ bill is because it’s actually an anti-gun bill.” So said a number of IGO members who are reporting what Rep. Chip Baltimore has been telling them. Rep. Chip Baltimore (R-Boone) has been shoveling excuses

Gun Bill Moves in the Iowa House

Dear Fellow Patriot,                    February 27, 2014                   Moments ago the Iowa House voted 82-16 to pass HF2381, a bill to allow law abiding Iowans the means to purchase and use suppressors on firearms. While this bill came up for a vote too quickly for IGO to get an email out, we were able to communicate with tens of thousands of you via Facebook and your calls and your emails made

You can't teach your child to defend themselves

Any moment now, politicians in Des Moines are going to be voting on a bill that would continue to make you a criminal for deciding when you can teach your son or daughter how to shoot a handgun for self-defense! In fact, I expect a vote in the House Public Safety Committee as soon as tomorrow on HF2012 – which is why your immediate action is necessary. More on that

Iowa Gun Owners Membership Ballot

The General Assembly recently went back into session. I’ve been up virtually all night putting the finishing touches on Iowa Gun Owners’ program strategy for 2014. But there’s something I have to tell you. In the face of all the fights on our plate, I’m facing an incredibly tough decision. In fact, it’s perhaps the toughest I’ve ever had to make since the creation of Iowa Gun Owners. So I

Chairman Baudler KILLS Pro-Gun Amendment!!

  I could hardly believe it. Yesterday, as I sat in the Public Safety Committee room in the basement of the Iowa Capitol, it was clear that members of the committee had been inundated with your calls and emails regarding the ‘Shaw Amendment’ to HF2012. Yet late yesterday afternoon, the House Public Safety Committee Chairman chose to ignore that flood of calls and emails from voters in the committee member’s 

Stand Your Ground

  Two years ago I was sitting in my office meeting Mr. Jay Lewis for the first time. Mr. Lewis had just been released from jail here in Polk County after having been wrongfully arrested and charged in a valid self-defense shooting. The jury saw through the prosecution’s case and in 90 minutes released this law abiding gun owner from jail, where he had languished for almost 4 months. However,

Dangerous "Cover Bill" Introduced in the Iowa House - Action

It didn’t take long. 48 hours into the 2014 legislative session, the politicians in Des Moines are already working overtime to confuse and sandbag pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground legislation. And it’s happening in both chambers. You see, every election year, politicians who are on the record against gun rights start to get scared. They remember the friends that were there in the General Assembly with