Is the Dubuque City Council Taking Marching Orders from NYC Mayor Bloomberg?

This is urgent.

I just got off the phone with an IGO member in Dubuque calling to inform us that the City Council is working to ban all home based firearms businesses in the city of Dubuque.

This is not a major surprise, as the Mayor of Dubuque, Roy D. Buol, is a member of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s radical collection of mayors who are trying to stamp out the 2nd Amendment any way they can.

The actions being taken in Dubuque right now are in lock step with Bloomberg’s agenda to use administrative law to harass gun owners into just giving up.

Here are some of the details on the situation in Dubuque.

While no one can point to a single instance where someone was hurt because of an individual who has a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and sells firearms in his home in Dubuque – a local “do-gooder” is fanning the flames warning that Dubuque will become the next “Sandy Hook” unless these home businesses are stopped.

Never mind the fact that Sandy Hook (where an armed criminal killed children in an elementary school) occurred in a so-called “Gun Free Zone” and that the ONLY way to stop that kind of crime is by arming law abiding people – facts don’t matter much to anti-gun zealots.

The City Council believes that they are allowed to put a stop to these businesses by changing the zoning rules and adding home based gun businesses to the list of prohibited home based businesses in Dubuque.

They are relying, in part, on a petition circulated around gathering names from local residents who are opposed to these businesses…except that a good number of them aren’t locals at all.

Like Alicia Batt, from Minneapolis, MN, Laura Saxton from Morriston, FL, Shedy Berrios from Jacksonville, NC, and Jeffrey Dodd from New York, NY

And then there is the petition signed by, “Concerned Citizen, New City, NY.”

I could go on. Gurnee, IL, Marion, IA, Holy Cross, IA…..

This is what passes for honest grassroots activism for anti-gunners, trying to advance Mayor Bloomberg’s hostile anti-gun agenda.

The City Council was trying to sneak this through quietly, so as to avoid public pressure, and they almost succeeded. Thanks to IGO member Robert Renne, that’s not going to happen.

Mr. Renne is asking for help from gun owners in the following ways:

1. Contact the City Council immediately.

The Council has already had their “public comment” meeting, where virtually no one knew about it and few were able to show up. They don’t want to hear from the public on this and will not be taking public comment at their final meeting, scheduled for September 3.

So please contact them using their published information listed below. Inform them that law abiding gun owners are amongst the safest people in Iowa, that guns in their hands are never the problem and that you will be taking your gasoline, hotel, restaurant and regular business dollars elsewhere if they persist in persecuting home based gun businesses.

Also inform them that as mayors all across the country are beginning to leave Mayor Bloomberg’s radical anti-gun organization – it’s time for Mayor Buol to leave also.

You can contact them in the following ways:

Mayor Roy D. Buol can be reached at 563.564.5455 or by emailing [email protected].

• At-Large Councilman Ric Jones can be reached at 563/556.3490 or by emailing [email protected].

• At-Large Councilman David Resnick can be reached at 563/582.9217 or by emailing [email protected].

• Ward One Councilman Kevin Lynch can be reached at 563/582.6382 or by emailing [email protected].

• Ward Two Councilwoman Karla Braig can be reached at 563/582.0595 or by emailing [email protected].

• Ward Three Councilwoman Joyce Connors can be reached at 563/582.3843 or by emailing [email protected].

• Ward Four Councilwoman Lynn Sutton can be reached at 563/585.0129 or by emailing [email protected].

2. Join with gun owners at the final meeting of the City Council where they intend to vote on this proposal. Mr. Renne would like to have as many gun owners as possible attend the meeting to let the Council know that this is not going unnoticed.

Mr. Renne’s phone number is 563/582-7407 and you can reach him by email at [email protected].

3. Contact as many gun owners as you know in Dubuque.

Perhaps you don’t live in Dubuque but know gun owners that do. Make sure they know to contact the City Council and attend the meeting. The meeting will be held in the Federal Building, on the 2nd Floor, located at 350 W 6th St, in Dubuque on September 3, at 6:30pm.

Please make your calls and emails happen right away.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. The Dubuque City Council is working overtime to kick home based gun businesses out of their town by declaring them all prohibited.

They are basing their argument, in part, on a citizen’s petition that a local anti-gunner brought to them, saying that these guns all but guarantee that Dubuque will be the next “Sandy Hook” if the Council doesn’t ban them all.

In typical anti-gun fashion, the anti-gunners are relying on out of towners to bump up their numbers and now people from Minnesota to Florida, North Carolina to New York are supposedly part of the “grassroots” outcry against guns in Dubuque!

IGO member Robert Renne, who incidentally does actually live in Dubuque, is calling on gun owners to help by contacting the City Council members using the information above. Let them know that these actions are outrageous, based on lies and propaganda, and will result in gun owners spending their money elsewhere if this persecution of gun owners continues.

Lastly, please join with Mr. Renne at the next meeting of the City Council to make sure the Council knows that gun owners are witnessing this and will take steps to hold the Council accountable.

The meeting will be held at the Federal Building, at 350 W 6th St in Dubuque, on the 2nd Floor, on September 3, at 6:30.

Mr. Renne can be reached at 563/582-7407 or [email protected].

Finally, please consider helping Iowa Gun Owners today with a contribution of $10 or $20 to enable us to maintain our fight to defend the 2nd Amendment in Iowa.