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Accomplishments Overview


FORCED PASSAGE of ‘Shall Issue’ legislation; leading to almost 300,000 additional Iowans being issued carry permits.

PASSED Stand-Your-Ground law; allowing Iowans to defend themselves against violent criminals without having to retreat or face prosecution from ‘woke’ county attorneys.

FORCED PASSAGE of Permit Confidentiality; making it illegal for anyone to access a list of permit holders in Iowa without a court order.

PASSED Constitutional Carry Legislation; allowing Iowans to carry a firearm without needing a government permit.

REVERSED Capitol Carry Ban; allowing Iowans to be able to carry firearms in ‘the People’s House’ once again.

Firearms Freedom

FORCED PASSAGE of Suppressor legislation; which made Iowa the 42nd state to allow citizens to possess these items.

FORCED PASSAGE of SBR Legislation; allowing Iowans to possess short barreled rifles in accordance with federal law.

REVERSED Age Restrictions on Handgun Shooting; allowing parents to decide at what age they can teach their children to shoot.

DEFEEATED EVERY ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban filed; which would make Iowans felons for buying an AR-15 (or hundreds of similar firearms) or the magazines that feed them.

Government Overreach

FORCE PASSAGE of Pre-Emption Reform; denying municipalities and counties the right to restrict gun rights at the local level.

DEFEATED EVERY Red Flag Gun Seizure bill filed; which would allow liberal judges to order the confiscation of firearms before an Iowan has been convicted of anything.

DEFEATED EVERY Universal Background Check bill filed; which would make Iowans felons for buying or selling firearms without getting government permission first.

FORCE PASSAGE of Emergency Powers legislation; limiting the governor’s ability to limit gun rights during a disaster declaration.

LEADING THE FIGHT for the Second Amendment Preservation Act; which would make Iowa cops enforce Iowa gun laws and ignore federal gun control laws and executive orders.

Elected Official Accountability

EXPOSED Gun-Grabbers in the House; using direct mail, email, and a door-to-door lit dropping program. This educational program led to the Iowa House flipping in 2010!

EXPOSED Gun-grabbers in the Senate; using direct mail, email, radio/TV ads, digital and internet ads, and a door-to-door lit dropping program. This educational program led to the Iowa Senate flipping in 2016!

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