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Help Us STOP Red Flag Gun Confiscations!

A Petition to: The Members of the Iowa Legislature

Whereas: ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ are a dream come true for gun grabbers as they allow a weaponized judge to order the confiscation of firearms from gun owners who have never been convicted of a crime, usually through secret court hearings that gun owners can’t attend; and

Whereas: The gun control legislation that Biden signed into law last year gave the DOJ $750,000,000 to use in bribing states into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws; and

Whereas: While RINO’s in Des Moines are calling for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Iowa, the results of last year’s primary election here in Iowa made it clear that gun owners will obliterate the careers of anyone who supports gun control; and

Whereas: ‘Red Flag’ laws are designed to be expanded the moment they become law.

Therefore: As a proud gun owner in your district, I insist that you ‘VOTE NO’ on any form of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ legislation that comes up this session. I will be watching this closely.

Once you have sent your email and made your call, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize TENS OF THOUSANDS of gun owners in every corner of Iowa to fight alongside of us!