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‘VOTE NO’ on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ Legislation!

Whereas:   ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ are an unconstitutional attack on my freedoms because they allow the courts to confiscate my guns through secret court proceedings that I don’t even know about and before I’ve been convicted of a crime; and

Whereas:   Last year Joe Biden signed legislation into law that gave him $750,000,000 to use to bribe states into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws and the State of Iowa has already received $2,478,792 of that money; and

Whereas:   ‘Red Flag’ laws shred my due process right by violating the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments to the United States Constitution; and

Whereas:   ‘Red Flag’ laws are all part of the Radical Left’s plan to bureaucratically disarm gun owners without having to convict them of a felony crime first.

Therefore:  As a gun owner and a voter in Iowa, I insist that you ‘VOTE NO’ on any bill that expands ‘Red Flag’ laws this session. I will be watching your votes closely!

After you’ve signed your petition, please chip in $10, $17.76, or even $25 to help Iowa Gun Owners sound the alarm about this legislation