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Bloomberg Targeting Iowa Teenagers!

Michael Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars trying to spread his NYC elitism to 17 and 18 year old Iowans — right now — hoping to turn them into anti-gun voters in time for the fall elections! This is all according to a recent press release from his ‘Everytown for Gun Safety,’ announcing they are targeting young people in thirteen states. As you can see from a portion of the

What About Jeremy Taylor in CD4?

Gun owners in Western and Central Iowa are buzzing about the fact that both Randy Feenstra and Steve King have signed the Iowa Gun Owners candidate survey 100% pro-gun. Both have promised to oppose every part of the Nancy Pelosi gun control agenda — and they did it in writing! If you missed that email, or didn’t get a copy of their signed surveys, see here. But what has a

Steve King v. Randy Feenstra

Over the last two weeks, hundreds of gun owners have contacted Iowa Gun Owners asking us about the candidates running in the 4th Congressional District. Being that it’s a GOP primary race, all of the candidates are professing to be 100% pro-gun. But as Iowa gun owners know, talk is cheap in politics. And that is especially true during election season when candidates will say anything to get elected. That’s

Michael Bloomberg Sets His Sights on Iowa!

Michael Bloomberg may have been laughed off the debate stage during his failed attempt to secure the Democratic nomination, but he will still be front and center during the 2020 election cycle. That’s because Bloomberg has announced he will be spending at least $60,000,000 during the 2020 election cycle — more than he has ever spent before — as he tries to remove President Trump and flip the U.S. Senate! His

They Will Say Anything to Divert the Pressure!

With the legislature scheduled to resume session in mid- May, and gun owners sending thousands of emails to the politicians in Des Moines demanding Constitutional Carry, legislators are getting nervous. That’s because there are elections on the horizon. And after our shocking performance in the 2016 elections — when gun owners removed Mike Gronstal and flipped the Iowa Senate — every politician in Des Moines knows that gun owners are

These People Are Sick...

After 12 years of fighting for gun owners in four state legislatures, I know that the radical left will say and do anything as they try to disarm law abiding Americans. I remember watching House Democrats walk out of the Iowa Capitol in 2012, when we were advancing Stand-Your-Ground law, throwing a fit that made national news that night. When that didn’t work, Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad’s clerk faked an anthrax

Iowa Gun Owners Under Attack!

The radical left has attacked Iowa Gun Owners and I am counting on your help as we fight back! As many of you noticed, IGO’s online fundraising ability ‘went dark’ some time ago, severing our ability to raise support online, at the worst possible time. You see, Iowa Gun Owners has been spending heavily over the last month as we mobilized as many Iowans as possible into taking action against

No Gun Control in Stimulus, This Time!

Thanks to the work of so many grassroots gun owners like you, the recent round of stimulus spending moved through Congress WITHOUT any gun control provisions added to it! Thank you to everyone who emailed Senators Grassley and Ernst — along with your Congressman — insisting that they oppose Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to use the Coronavirus to advance radical gun control. But before we get too excited, understand that Nancy

National Fake News Organizations Attack IGO!

As more Americans are realizing, the hard left is doing everything they can to advance their America-hating socialist agenda during the Coronavirus. California Governor Gavin Newsom, for example, brazenly stated his goal of using the Coronavirus to usher in new progress policies, saying that this is a time to “reshape…how we govern.” The heart of that agenda is radical gun control, which is why Iowa Gun Owners has been leading

Pelosi Sliding H.R. 5717 Into CoronaVirus Stimulus Bill!

Nancy Pelosi and her America-hating cronies are trying to ram some, or all, of H.R. 5717 into the Phase 4 stimulus package that is currently being negotiated in Congress! As you know, this legislation is the biggest gun control bill that America has ever seen. Red flags gun seizures, AR-15 bans, universal gun registration, gun rationing, a national gun owners license scheme, bans on suppressors — this bill has it