Happy Independence Day from Iowa Gun Owners!

Happy Independence Day from the board of directors of Iowa Gun Owners! On this day, 244 years ago, our nation adopted its Declaration of Independence, telling England that we were done being their puppet and would be our own sovereign nation. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons fearing all-out war with England. Hearing that everyday

5 New Gun Control Laws Taking Effect Today!

Today is a terrible day for the Second Amendment. At midnight today, massive infringements on the right to keep and bear arms took effect in the Commonwealth of Virginia — a state that has been a bastion of freedom for hundreds of years. And as you’ll see, these are not minor changes.  These are the kind of gun control laws that radical socialists dream about, the kind of laws that

Will They Fight for You or Not?

Gun owners in Iowa have seen tremendous betrayal from the politicians in Des Moines over the last couple of years.  Every two years at election time, it seems like everyone seeking to run for the Iowa legislature is a dyed-in-the-wool gun rights champion, who can’t wait to fight for us if they get to Des Moines.  But as gun owners have seen time and time again, once they get to

The Culture War Against Guns is Raging!

  The radical left in America are determined to not only take away your right to keep and bear arms, they want to erase the very memory of our beautiful Second Amendment forever. These America hating liberals know that standing between them and their goal of turning this great state (and our entire country) into a third world nightmare, are millions of proud gun owners who are committed to fighting

Become a Sentinel Member Today!

Twelve years ago, when I started Iowa Gun Owners to deal with Iowa’s oppressive concealed carry laws, there was such a thing as a ‘blue dog’ Democrat in the Iowa legislature.  These were fiscally conservative Democrats who were in the middle of the road when it came to social issues like our great Second Amendment.  If you’ve been involved in the fight for gun rights for a while, you’ll remember

Antifa Rioters Issue Demands to Politicians in Des Moines!

Des Moines and hundreds of other cities across the country have been rocked with violence, looting, and arson over the last few weeks by Antifa/BLM activists. Traditionally, when a group of thugs use violence to accomplish their political agenda, they are labeled as political terrorists and arrested. Not anymore.  Just days ago, the Des Moines chapter of Antifa and BLM issued another list of legislative demands that they want the

Don’t Ever Listen to This Garbage Again!

  All over the country, entire police departments are being overwhelmed by mobs of criminals bent on violence, robbery, arson, and more. Hundreds of buildings have burned to the ground in just the last week, with fire departments unable to get to them due to the mobs and concern for their physical safety. In almost a dozen states, the National Guard has been called out in an effort to restore

Riots, Looting, and Fire in Iowa!

If I would have told you last week that we were days away from seeing hundreds of violent thugs mobbing the Iowa Capitol, being pushed back with tear gas and flash bang grenades by State Troopers, you wouldn’t have believed me. But the events of the last 96 hours have been unprecedented in modern history here in Iowa. From Mason City to Des Moines to Council Bluffs to Sioux City

Unbelievable Amounts of Deception

The 2020 legislative session is back underway in Des Moines, after a ten-week self-imposed hiatus due to the Coronavirus. Some legislators tell us they could be done in just a few days, while others say this final phase could last for a few weeks. Either way, the clock is ticking fast and the politicians in Des Moines don’t have much more time to enact Constitutional Carry legislation for Iowans! Thanks

Bloomberg Targeting Iowa Teenagers!

Michael Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars trying to spread his NYC elitism to 17 and 18 year old Iowans — right now — hoping to turn them into anti-gun voters in time for the fall elections! This is all according to a recent press release from his ‘Everytown for Gun Safety,’ announcing they are targeting young people in thirteen states. As you can see from a portion of the