City & County Legislation

Stop Red Flags, Fight for Constitutional Carry, Elections... Where Should We Focus?

We’re just days away from the start of the 2020 legislative session in Des Moines, and I have been working since Christmas to finalize our legislative goals for the year, along with the budget we need to run our legislative and election programs. But I’m going to be honest with you, the situation in Des Moines is rapidly deteriorating. In fact, I don’t remember a time when the momentum was

Support Constitutional Carry!!

Moments ago, the 2020 legislative session kicked off in Des Moines. Support for Constitutional Carry is exploding here in Iowa! In fact, during the opening week of the Iowa legislature, over 4,000 emails hammered the Capitol in support of SF 165/HF 118! A caucus staffer told me as I walked out of the Capitol late Thursday that, ‘We’ve never seen this many emails on anything in the opening week of

Gun Owners Trounce the Des Moines City Council!

Have you ever heard the expression, “You can’t fight city hall?” Well, whomever said that wasn’t a part of the Iowa Gun Owners army — who obliterated a pair of gun control ordinances in the Des Moines City Council last night! Hearing the council members trip over themselves, trying to get away from the pressure of gun owners, was just priceless! “I’m sorry.” “I misspoke.” “This wasn’t my intention.” “We

Des Moines City Council Declares War on Gun Owners!

Des Moines City Mayor Frank Cownie, along with other members on the city council, have declared war on law abiding gun owners! In fact, the council is meeting THIS COMING Monday to decide on a pair of new city ordinances that would restrict your gun rights! That’s why I hope you’ll take action once you finish this email — making sure the council members know that you are opposed to

Madison County Joins Woodbury in Lifting Weapons Ban!

As we told you last week, Woodbury County recently voted to lift their “Gun Free Zone” policies in accordance with the new Iowa code which took effect this past weekend. Throughout that 90 minute discussion, those who were testifying in support of violating Iowa law and maintaining the weapons ban made much of the fact that they were unaware of any other county who was trying to do this. Well,

Woodbury County Lifts Gun Ban!

As we told you earlier this week, the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday night to discuss their weapons policy in light of the new gun laws that take effect this weekend. Thanks in part to your calls and emails, I’m pleased to report that the Council voted 3-1 to overturn their previous ‘Gun Free Zone’ policies! In light of this, Iowa Gun Owners is being FLOODED with calls,

All Eyes Are On Sioux City Tonight!

Last week the Iowa Supreme Court published an opinion piece wherein they announced their intention to disregard the legislation passed earlier this year that would end ‘Gun Free Zones’ in county government buildings. Never mind the fact that the duly elected legislature passed this bill. Never mind the fact that then-Governor Terry Branstad signed it into law, in accordance with his constitutional authority. Never mind the fact that the court’s

Bettendorf City Council Relents – For Now...

There’s been a flurry of activity going on in Iowa this week that effects your gun rights — in fact this alert is a few days late as it is. Late Tuesday, as we were in the Capitol watching Stand-Your-Ground law passing through the House, the City Council of Bettendorf dropped their silly proposal from their agenda. In case you missed our earlier alert on this, the Mayor was working

Gun Owners in Bettendorf Need Our Help!

There’s a lot going on in the Capitol right now on gun legislation that we’ll update you on later tonight — but this is an urgent request from gun owners in Bettendorf. I hope that you’ll read this brief email, and take immediate action! Tonight, at 7pm, the Bettendorf City Council will be taking the first step in the process to make it illegal for you to carry or possess

Iowa Gun Owners is Seeking County Coordinators in your County!

“That’s all I know for now, I’ll let you take it from there,” said an IGO member who called our office last year. That’s how the ball got rolling in North Liberty, last fall, as Iowa Gun Owners went on to stop another town- based gun ban that was in the works. Honestly, almost every single one of the gun bans we have stopped over the last couple of years