City & County Legislation

Bettendorf City Council Relents – For Now...

There’s been a flurry of activity going on in Iowa this week that effects your gun rights — in fact this alert is a few days late as it is. Late Tuesday, as we were in the Capitol watching Stand-Your-Ground law passing through the House, the City Council of Bettendorf dropped their silly proposal from their agenda. In case you missed our earlier alert on this, the Mayor was working

Gun Owners in Bettendorf Need Our Help!

There’s a lot going on in the Capitol right now on gun legislation that we’ll update you on later tonight — but this is an urgent request from gun owners in Bettendorf. I hope that you’ll read this brief email, and take immediate action! Tonight, at 7pm, the Bettendorf City Council will be taking the first step in the process to make it illegal for you to carry or possess

Hubbard: Out With a Whimper

In the end, it went out with a whimper. A month ago, the local newspaper screamed the headline: Hubbard Pursues Gun Ban. But last night, after a solid week of calls, emails, in-person visits, and Facebook messages – Hubbard City Mayor Marshall Simmerman didn’t have the stomach to follow through with his plan to ban all firearms on city property and didn’t even put the item on the agenda! Of

Iowa: The City of Hubbard Moves on Your Gun Rights!

Folks, it’s happening again! Please take time and read this article in full, and take action as soon as possible! If you’ve been with Iowa Gun Owners for some time now, you know that we fight hard to expose gun control in the back chambers of the committee rooms here in Des Moines. However, gun control advocates don’t just hang out in the State House – but in City Councils

Victory in North Liberty!

We did it again! Last night, in the heart of the traditionally liberal bastion of Johnson Co., North Liberty joined the ranks of other towns like Nevada, George, North Burlington, Dubuque, Kalona and others who walked into a grassroots buzz-saw when they tried to crack down on the 2nd Amendment! From day one, it was clear to us that Mayor Amy Nielson was ready to “go to the mat” with

Massive Response in North Liberty!

“I was wrong… …you CAN fight city hall and win!” That’s what one North Liberty resident and Iowa Gun Owners member told me after last night’s climatic showdown in the City Hall in North Liberty. You’ll recall that the town of North Liberty is working overtime to ban guns and illegalize self-defense on ALL city property – and they are seeking to criminally prosecute law abiding gun owners and put

Iowa: North Liberty is Trying To Disarm You at Tomorrow Night's Council Meeting!

The city fathers in North Liberty, IA, are hoping that you do not read this email. They are desperately trying to hammer through a sweeping gun ban on city property during TOMORROW NIGHT’S council meeting with no one finding out, the third such attempted local gun ban in the state in the last couple of months! They are trying to sneak this gun ban through tomorrow, hoping that your attention

Victory in Kalona - for Now!

“I just hope you’ll communicate to the members of Iowa Gun Owners that we can’t thank you all enough. We know city hall is rotten, but we didn’t think we’d be able to stop them. IGO members made the difference and we’ll stand along-side of them when it’s their rights on the line!” This was just one of the dozens of communications I’ve received over the last 24 hours as

Immediate Help Needed - Kalona City Council Trying to Ban Guns on City Property!

I need your help. Please read this article in its entirety and take immediate action! If you’ve been involved with Iowa Gun Owners for any length of time, you’ll know how hard we fight to expose insider gun control deals being hashed out in committee rooms in the State Capitol – but also those being considered in quiet small town City Council chambers across our state. Thanks to our over