City & County Legislation

Iowa: North Liberty is Trying To Disarm You at Tomorrow Night's Council Meeting!

The city fathers in North Liberty, IA, are hoping that you do not read this email. They are desperately trying to hammer through a sweeping gun ban on city property during TOMORROW NIGHT’S council meeting with no one finding out, the third such attempted local gun ban in the state in the last couple of months! They are trying to sneak this gun ban through tomorrow, hoping that your attention

Victory in Kalona - for Now!

“I just hope you’ll communicate to the members of Iowa Gun Owners that we can’t thank you all enough. We know city hall is rotten, but we didn’t think we’d be able to stop them. IGO members made the difference and we’ll stand along-side of them when it’s their rights on the line!” This was just one of the dozens of communications I’ve received over the last 24 hours as

Immediate Help Needed - Kalona City Council Trying to Ban Guns on City Property!

I need your help. Please read this article in its entirety and take immediate action! If you’ve been involved with Iowa Gun Owners for any length of time, you’ll know how hard we fight to expose insider gun control deals being hashed out in committee rooms in the State Capitol – but also those being considered in quiet small town City Council chambers across our state. Thanks to our over

Gun Ban Pending in Winnebago County - Action Needed!

It’s been some time since a county or city here in Iowa tried to ban guns in public places. The word got out in 2014, after the members of Iowa Gun Owners shut down seven such attempts in a row, that gun owners are sick and tired of being treated like second class citizens and will take action to defend their freedoms, often embarrassing anti-gun local officials in the process.

Victory in West Chester: IGO Members Come Through Again!

“Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all that your membership did here in West Chester!” That was a familiar phone call heard in the IGO office all day Saturday, after the West Chester City Council was forced to remove their proposed gun ordinance from the agenda, in response to your calls and emails, effectively killing the proposal to crack down on gun owners’ rights. As you may

Local Gun Ban Imminent: Your Immediate Action is Needed!

Beleaguered gun owners in tiny West Chester, Iowa, located in central Washington County, urgently need your help today! In just two days, the city council will likely be voting to strip gun owners of their right of self-defense. What this means is that gun owners in this town will be left defenseless at the city baseball field, the volleyball court, the basketball courts, the city playground, and any other property

Anti-Gun Nevada Iowa City Officials Try to LIE to Cover Up Their Tracks!

“BREAKING NEWS: CITY WAS NEVER CONSIDERING WEAPONS ORDINANCE” – screamed the Nevada, IA, police department’s Facebook page yesterday. “Nevada City Administrator Elizabeth Hansen said the article’s claim that the city is trying to pass an ordinance is false,” proclaimed the headline story on the Nevada Journal. “[Mayor] Lathrop said those claims (regarding the banning of defensive weapons on all city property) are untrue,” opined the Ames Tribune. Yesterday the city

Breaking: Another Iowa Town Wants to Strip You of Your Rights!

You would think that after the embarrassing exposure that city councils in towns like Dubuque, George, Burlington, and most recently, Tama have received this year – after their plans to attack your second amendment rights were exposed all for that they are – that other city councils would take the hint. After all, it was just two weeks ago that Iowa Gun Owners descended on Tama and exposed their radical

Victory for Gun Owners in Tama!

“I made a mistake – and I’m sorry.” So said the Tama City Mayor at Monday’s city council meeting as the city council stopped their senseless attack on the second amendment. As you may recall from earlier this week, Iowa Gun Owners alerted you to an impending threat against your right of self-defense in Tama, where the city council was attempting to declare all ‘city property’ a gun-free zone. Of

Burlington, IA City Council Stopped by Gun Owners - For Now!

Sometimes “forward thinking” can be a good thing – as in when City Council members look ahead to their own re-election campaigns and make common sense decisions on behalf of their residents instead of pursuing a path of ideological craziness. This is what happened yesterday in Burlington – as the City Council voted down their own proposal to require citizens and visitors in their city to obtain WRITTEN permission from