City & County Legislation

Victory for Gun Owners in Tama!

“I made a mistake – and I’m sorry.” So said the Tama City Mayor at Monday’s city council meeting as the city council stopped their senseless attack on the second amendment. As you may recall from earlier this week, Iowa Gun Owners alerted you to an impending threat against your right of self-defense in Tama, where the city council was attempting to declare all ‘city property’ a gun-free zone. Of

Burlington, IA City Council Stopped by Gun Owners - For Now!

Sometimes “forward thinking” can be a good thing – as in when City Council members look ahead to their own re-election campaigns and make common sense decisions on behalf of their residents instead of pursuing a path of ideological craziness. This is what happened yesterday in Burlington – as the City Council voted down their own proposal to require citizens and visitors in their city to obtain WRITTEN permission from

Burlington, IA City Council Out of Control!

How many of you have ever played with toy guns or BB guns growing up? I remember running all over the block as a kid, with all the neighborhood kids, as we “shot the bad guys” on the other team with pop guns, cap guns and the like. Cowboy and Indian fights were also a regular occurrence – only it seemed like none of my friends would “die” after I

"Boss Hogg" Gun Ban Stopped in George, IA!!

“I can’t believe how quickly the members of Iowa Gun Owners stepped in and helped us with this local problem. Tell them that gun owners in George extend a huge ‘Thank you’ to them and a bunch of us will be joining IGO immediately!” This was the call that I got this morning from multiple residents of the city of George, IA, who were mobilized yesterday en masse with the

Iowa City Council Pushing Gun Control - We Need Your Help TODAY!

I wondered who would be calling me so late last night as my cell phone rang, before I remember that I’d set the office line to forward to my cell before I left the Iowa Gun Owners office earlier in the day. But late last night I started getting calls, emails, and Facebook messages from IGO members in NW Iowa alerting me to an anti-gun ordinance being voted on by

Temporary Pro-Gun Victory in Dubuque!!

Recently IGO put out an alert informing our members about an impending vote that the Dubuque City Council was going to cast to BAN the sales of all firearms in home based businesses in Dubuque. Many of you probably know someone like this who works on and sells guns from their home. Oftentimes they are retirees, vets, and just about the most mild mannered people you’ll ever meet. But the

Is the Dubuque City Council Taking Marching Orders from NYC Mayor Bloomberg?

This is urgent. I just got off the phone with an IGO member in Dubuque calling to inform us that the City Council is working to ban all home based firearms businesses in the city of Dubuque. This is not a major surprise, as the Mayor of Dubuque, Roy D. Buol, is a member of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s radical collection of mayors who are trying to stamp out the