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2019 Membership Newsletter!

The 2019 legislative session had its ups and downs. We stopped ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation and every other gun-control bill, but weak-kneed Republican moderates killed Constitutional Carry and every other pro-gun bill! In our annual newsletter, we talk about this and everything else that happened during the 2019 legislative session. So for all the latest on politics, leadership changes at Iowa Gun Owners, and the latest gun winners, check

Video Update on 2019 Legislative Session

The Iowa legislature has adjourned for the year. And while lawmakers are slapping themselves on the back for ‘what a great year it was,’ the truth is that gun owners were betrayed this year in Des Moines. While gun owners stopped a lot of bad bills, power hungry lawmakers stopped all of the good ones, too. Watch our 2019 legislative session video recap here!  As you just heard, Republican leaders

Anti-Gun Lawmakers in Des Moines Haven’t Given Up!

With the 2019 legislative session nearing the end, I have to tell you, I’m more nervous than ever that we may see a last minute move on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in Des Moines. As you’ll see below, Iowa’s House and Senate leaders have totally buckled under the pressure from both radical anti-gun activists and moderates in their own caucuses all session –- and anti-gunners are sensing an opportunity.

Just Like Gronstal?

Outrageous! Back-stabbers! Liars! These are just some of the words that gun owners have been using to describe the Iowa Senate Judiciary Committee after they announced they killed Constitutional Carry this year in their committee — and lashed out at Iowa Gun Owners in the process! I have to tell you, it’s hard to disagree with this sentiment when you consider what gun owners have done here in Iowa in

Jason Schulz, Iowa

Despite tens of thousands of calls and emails from gun owners across the state, Senate Republicans REFUSED to allow Constitutional Carry to move through the Judiciary Committee during the end of the ‘funnel week.’ Gun owners are outraged! But if you’re angry about this betrayal — especially as it happened while three other states passed the same bill –- your blood will boil when you hear how Senator Jason Schultz

Iowa Senate Democrats: Republicans Doing Our Work for Us!

I spent most of Monday afternoon in the Capitol, meeting with key lawmakers asking them why they were holding up Constitutional Carry legislation. (If you’ve missed our previous updates and need to get caught up, you can read this, this and this.) As I walked from the back of the ‘well’ (the area behind the Senate floor) down to the first floor to cut a live video update, I bumped

Five Days for Constitutional Carry!

If you have been following our updates via Facebook and email, you know that gun owners are enraged across the state as Senate Republicans tabled Constitutional Carry last week. At the exact same time that Oklahoma had their final vote on their Constitutional Carry bill last week, Iowa lawmakers ‘tabled’ ours. And while lawmakers were lecturing me on the pressure they are tired of receiving from gun owners in their

VIDEO of Senator Dawson Lying to Gun Owners!

In case you missed it, the Senate Judiciary Committee ‘tabled’ Constitutional Carry in a hearing earlier this week — because they were a vote short of passing the bill. One of the Senators who refused to support Constitutional Carry was none other than Dan Dawson, who replaced Mike Gronstal in Council Bluffs back in 2016, thanks to gun owners! Now Dawson is lashing out at gun owners who are holding him

Republican Committee Delays Constitutional Carry!

Yesterday afternoon, for the second year in a row, the Senate Judiciary Committee removed Constitutional Carry from the day’s agenda — refusing to vote on the bill. As things stand, unless the Judiciary Committee moves this bill by next Thursday (3/7) our most direct method of passing Constitutional Carry will expire. Let me explain what happened as simply as I can. Committee (In)action: The Judiciary Committee has fifteen members, ten

Committee Vote on Constitutional Carry in Five Hours!

If you missed our email late last night, you might have missed the fact that the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to take up Constitutional Carry law at 2pm today! But Bloomberg-backed forces are doing everything they can to shut this bill down. That’s why I hope you’ll send the PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL that we have prepared for you, by clicking on the button below. Constitutional Carry is law in almost