State Legislation

Rep. Wheeler Needs to Hear From You Now!]

If you care about the Second Amendment, then your State Representative needs to hear from you immediately!   You see, Constitutional Carry is moving in the Iowa Senate. The bill (SF165) has fifteen cosponsors (including that of Senator Randy Feenstra) and has already passed a critical sub-committee.   In fact, the bill will likely be voted on as early as this week, as Senate leaders are fighting for gun owners.

Republicans in the House Publicly Opposing Constitutional Carry!

In Oklahoma, Constitutional Carry cleared its final committee hurdle two days ago by a vote of 18-4, with two Democrats voting in favor! In Maine, Constitutional Carry passed just a few years ago and was rammed into law by Democrats who controlled the House of Representatives. In Missouri, members of the House Democratic caucus voted in favor of Constitutional Carry, when it passed into law in 2016. But here in

Constitutional Carry Moving in the House?

Lawmakers react to pressure. Former US Senator Everett Dirksen may have phrased it best when he said, “When I feel the heat, I see the light.” Well, let me tell you, lawmakers in the Iowa legislature are seeing the light right now on Constitutional Carry law — especially in the House of Representatives. A month ago, Speaker Pro-Tem of the House, Matt Windshitl, REFUSED to cosponsor Constitutional Carry and REFUSED

Pressure Mounting for Constitutional Carry!

“My inbox is being flooded with emails in favor of Constitutional Carry law, and every one of them is from MY district. I want to vote this out, but House leaders are holding it back.” This is what one House member told me yesterday morning, as I was lobbying in the Capitol for Constitutional Carry law. This lawmaker, not our bill sponsor, said that Constitutional Carry was very likely the

It’s Sweeping the Country!

Constitutional Carry law is sweeping the country! In Georgia, Constitutional Carry was the second bill filed this year and is the hottest issue in state politics! In Oklahoma, Constitutional Carry passed the House Public Safety Committee last Thursday with almost unanimous support and is going to be heard on the floor soon! In Ohio, Constitutional Carry is about to be filed and has a whopping 28 cosponsors! In South Dakota,

Red Flag Gun Seizure Legislation Filed in Iowa!

We have been worried about this since the legislature adjourned last fall, and now it’s here. ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation has been filed here in Iowa — part of a massive group of gun control bills that were introduced recently in the Iowa House! As you likely remember, this is the bill that would allow your firearms to be confiscated by the government before you’ve been arrested, indicted, or

Over a Dozen Gun Control Bills Filed in Des Moines!

Just because the hyper-moderates in the Iowa House are refusing to fight for gun owners, doesn’t mean that the gun-grabbers in the House aren’t fighting for their base. Just a few days ago, a massive number of gun control bills were introduced in the Iowa House! And before you listen to a silly lawmaker who says ‘these won’t go anywhere,’ realize what’s going on here. While Iowa House leaders are

A Meaningless Gesture?

Things are heating up in Des Moines, and it’s only the second week of the 2019 session! Since our recent email that laid bare the facts behind why some lawmakers want to pass the Constitutional Amendment and kill Constitutional Carry legislation, many of you have contacted your lawmakers insisting they cosponsor this bill! To summarize our previous email, 44 states already have a Constitutional Amendment in effect, and not one

The Details on Constitutional Carry vs. the Constitutional Amendment

Thanks to your calls and emails, support for Constitutional Carry is growing at the Capitol in Des Moines. But we still have a lot of lawmakers who simply won’t commit, who took your votes and donations when they ran for office last fall, but now don’t want to fight for you. Many of you are hearing from lawmakers who say that they don’t want to fight for Constitutional Carry, because

The Fight for Gun Rights is On in Des Moines!

Moments ago, the gavel fell on the start of the 2019 legislative session in Des Moines! Iowa Gun Owners staff was on hand, as we know this session will have major ramifications on our gun rights in the years ahead. And while we’ve only just begun this session, insiders report that it may be a very short session — meaning we have to act fast! That’s why IGO has prepared