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NRA Exposed: Their Deadly Support for Red Flag Gun Seizure Laws

I take no great pleasure in writing this email. But it’s an email I have to write, to prepare you for the coming onslaught of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation not only here in Iowa — but across the country. ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation would empower left-wing judges to order your firearms confiscated without due process. No charges, no day in court, no conviction of anything whatsoever — just

Senator Brad Zaun Sponsoring Constitutional Carry!

When the fight over Constitutional Carry first started here in Iowa, only two states had similar legislation already on the books. The two states, Alaska and Vermont, were chalked up as flukes and rural areas by anti-gun legislators who laughed at gun owners and tried to downplay this legislation in Iowa. Then Wyoming, Arizona and Arkansas followed suit. In 2015, Kansas and Maine became Constitutional Carry states. In 2016, Idaho,

Church Leaders Demanding Red Flag Gun Control in Iowa!

Repeal our cherished Stand-Your-Ground law. Set up a statewide registry of every gun owner in Iowa. And, most importantly, pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Order’ legislation in 2019. That was the gist of the statement issued by leaders of the Catholic Church here in Iowa this week, with bishops from Sioux City to Dubuque adding their name in support. Make no mistake, for lawmakers who are on the fence about

Red Flag Gun Seizures!

The 2019 legislative session will be here before you know it, and you and I have to be ready to FIGHT to stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure Orders’ from becoming law in Iowa. Lawmakers in state after state have been pre-filing this legislation in their efforts to ram this legislation into law before grassroots gun owners like you and I can fight back! In Missouri, for example, Senator Jill Schupp

Michael Bloomberg in Iowa!

We’re only days away from the November 6 elections and frankly, it’s “do-or-die” time. Our radio and TV ads, direct mail, mass email, and online ad programs are running full tilt but we need your help to keep them going. The fact is, our backs are against the wall. Michael Bloomberg — safely tucked away in his mansion over 1100 miles away from Iowa — is funding a massive assault

They Want Him GONE!

Nothing mobilizes gun owners faster than taking our message up on TV. That’s just a reality. And with ‘Whacky Jackie’ Smith just buying up another $50,000 for TV ads in the final days of this election cycle, gun owners in Iowa need to stand up! The fact is, Jackie Smith is the most anti-gun candidate running in this 2-year cycle. She supports every gun control proposal that you can think

Help Us Stand and FIGHT!

It’s do or die time for Iowa’s Second Amendment supporters. The Tuesday, November 6 mid-term elections are only a few weeks away, and — without your IMMEDIATE action — I’m worried we’ll be staring straight at a gun control DISASTER. BILLIONAIRE gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are UNLOADING their campaign war chests in races up and down the ballot all over the country. Iowa is no different. And

Iowa Gun Owners Unveils Radio and Web Ad in Sioux City

With election day less than a month away, Iowa Gun Owners has unveiled its first radio ad of the season. This ad is going to run in Sioux City, where pro-gun champion Rick Bertrand is being targeted by anti-gun radicals because of his relentless efforts to pass Stand-Your-Ground law here in Iowa! Before you listen to it, I want to let you know right up front that we need your

Help Us Draw a Line in the Sand!

I know it seems like school just started last week and the heat just dropped out of the 90’s yesterday, but we’re already a week into October. That means that the election season is almost upon us. In fact, early voting is just days away. You see, in Iowa, over 40% of all votes cast in the general election are done via early voting. This year, some estimate that that

Video Update on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ Legislation -- TAKE ACTION!

Michael Bloomberg is probably smiling from ear to ear right now in NYC, as he plots the eradication of Second Amendment freedom in Iowa. That’s because the support for ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation continues to grow — being sold as a ‘common sense compromise’ amongst lawmakers when they reconvene in Des Moines. It’s already passed in ‘red states’ like Florida and Indiana, and with Republican Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl