Critical Deadline Approaching in Des Moines on SAPA Legislation!

I have good news for you, and I have some bad news.

The good news is that IGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) legislation (HF-147) was just approved by a sub-committee in the House, meaning it can proceed.

The bad news is that time is running out in the 2023 legislative session, and Joe Biden’s plan to use Iowa cops to enforce his pistol brace ban starts on May 31st!

Please read this entire letter, and then sign your petition before it’s too late!

I’m going to be very honest with you.

There was a time when I thought that my job at Iowa Gun Owners was simple: break the backs of Iowa Democrats, elect pro-gun candidates, pass gun bills, and make Iowa a pro-gun state.

And, working together, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Since our founding in 2009, Iowa Gun Owners and our members have passed ‘Shall Issue’ law, Stand-Your-Ground law, Constitutional Carry, and much more.

And along the way, we DID break the back of the Democrats in Des Moines!

We flipped the House and Governor’s mansion in 2010 and took control of the Senate in 2016, as payback for the Democrats efforts to kill pro-gun bills.

After fighting against the Democrats, the RINOs, and the media for fifteen years, we’ve made Iowa one of the most pro-gun states in the country! 

But now it’s clear to me — and I’m assuming to you, too — that making Iowa a pro-gun state is not enough.   

That’s because we have an absolute tyrant in the White House, and Joe Biden is hell bent on using federal laws and Executive Orders to attack gun owners in ‘red’ states like Iowa.

You see, today’s Radical Left isn’t content with running ‘blue states’ into the ground with their liberal policies.     

They are determined to conquer freedom-loving states and freedom-loving people, and that starts with forcing us to submit to federal gun control laws that run contrary to state laws!   

What is worse, Biden intends to carry out this war against gun owners by using our own cops against us!

That’s why the General Assembly needs to pass Rep. Jeff Shipley’s SAPA legislation (HF-147) before adjournment.

And why we need you to immediately sign your petition in support of SAPA!


SAPA legislation is not a new concept.

It’s built off the age-old ‘anti-commandeering doctrine’ and tells Joe Biden that Iowa is a sovereign state and that he may not force our cops to carry out his federal dictates.

Specifically, SAPA law would instruct Iowa cops to enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms, ammo, and accessories (like a pistol brace), ignoring federal gun laws all together.

You see, SAPA strikes a blow to the heart of Biden’s tyrannical gun control agenda! 

By denying Joe Biden the use of our cops, his gun control agenda will fall flat here in Iowa! Biden can pass gun control through Congress or mandate it through Executive Orders — but Iowa troopers, deputies, and cops will not enforce it.

Can Biden flood Iowa with federal agents to enforce his gun laws? Sure, but he doesn’t have enough of them.

And, frankly, not even today’s Democrats want to deal with those optics.

That’s why it’s so important that you sign your petition right away!


Passing SAPA is how we protect our gun rights here in Iowa. But I’ll be honest, the impact of SAPA law would have ramification that span well beyond the Second Amendment.  

You see, if Iowa can assert her sovereignty in the area of the 2nd Amendment, we can do it in countless other areas!  

This is exactly why the Biden DOJ is going after Missouri’s SAPA law so hard right now. You may have heard that their SAPA law was ruled unconstitutional by an Obama appointed judge a few weeks ago. That’s true, but none of that was surprising.

On the contrary, it was expected.

In fact, gun rights organizations in Missouri (working with the State Attorney General) were all but hoping for this outcome, because it allows them to take the fight for SAPA into the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals for an even bigger victory!

And given the tremendous amount of Supreme Court precedent that backs up the SAPA concept, that victory is very likely.

In the meantime, their SAPA law remains in place.

That means that when Biden’s pistol brace ban takes effect in a few weeks, gun owners in Missouri don’t have to worry that their local sheriff’s department is going to enforce it.

You and I do.

But gun owners aren’t the only ones who desperately need the Second Amendment Preservation Act passed this session. Iowa cops want this passed, too.

While many department heads in Iowa are not pro-gun, Iowa’s front-line cops are wildly pro-gun. And right now they only have two options when Biden’s orders take effect: enforce them and violate their oath of office, or refuse and get fired.

SAPA gives them a way out.

But this won’t happen until legislative leaders in the House and Senate make passage of HF-147 a priority, and that’s why I hope you’ll sign your petition we have prepared for you TODAY!


To be honest, despite dozens of co-sponsors on this bill and the fact that we’ve moved HD-147 out of sub-committee, many in Des Moines are happy to take a ‘wait and see’ approach.

But that won’t cut it.

Biden’s orders — which were never voted on by Congress – will nonetheless be enforced beginning May 31st. And we can’t wait until next year to protect Iowa’s gun owners!     

So please, sign your OFFICIAL PETITION so we can show the politicians in Des Moines where YOU stand.

When you’re done, I hope you will also consider a donation of $50 or even $100. It’s a lot, I know. But this fight MUST be won. And I need ammo to fight with.

We’re using everything we’ve got to crank up the heat. Texting programs, massive amounts of emails and direct mail, digital ads – a full court press.

But we’re limited in how hard we can fight…we have to be able to afford these programs to put them into action.

So if $50 or $100 is not possible, I hope that you’ll consider $25, $10, or whatever amount you can afford.

Your impact has allowed Iowa Gun Owners to pass a mountain of gun bills over the years and reshape the State of Iowa! But this is a new threat…and we need to confront it head on!

Please sign your petition and consider making a donation IMMEDIATELY!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. IGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act has cleared sub-committee, but leadership isn’t moving it. And with Biden’s May 31st deadline looming, they need to hear from you! 


Please sign your petition now, and consider making a donation of $50, $25, 17.76 or even $5 to help us fight to pass SAPA legislation before it’s too late.