4 More Liberal Judges on the Supreme Court!

For most of my life, the Supreme Court was a coin toss.

Sometimes they would rule in favor of freedom and push back against big government; many times they would not. Most controversial decisions came down to the same 5-4 vote.

But after President Trump put three justices on the Supreme Court, things began to change for the better.

In just the last few weeks the Court has struck down affirmative action criteria for college admission, overturned Joe Biden’s plan to cancel $430 billion in student loan debt, and affirmed Christian businesses can refuse to serve transgender people. 

And for gun owners, last year’s Bruen decision was the biggest win since 2008’s Heller decision!

All of this has enraged Joe Biden and his allies in Congress. First, they can’t pass their agenda in the House, and second, the Supreme Court is undoing decades of their liberal agenda.

That’s why they’ve filed new legislation in Congress to pack the Supreme Court with four more justices! If that happens, the Left will control the Court with a 7-6 majority!


This legislation (H.R. 3422/S. 1616) is designed to give the left the votes to obliterate the Second Amendment.

At a minimum, a reconstituted Supreme Court would be able to:

>>> Undo last year’s Bruen decision, allowing the states to deny carry permit applications for any reason they want and allowing judges to reinstate ‘means-end scrutiny.’

>>> Uphold the constitutionality of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures.’ The Supreme Court hasn’t ruled on this yet. But it’s only a matter of time. Losing this case would be a disaster.

>>> Allow states to ban so-called ‘assault weapons.’ With two more states enacting these laws this year in violation of the Bruen decision, this case will go to the Supreme Court.

And honestly, this is just the beginning.

If the Left seizes the Supreme Court, they won’t hold back.

We would eventually see decisions on whether or not the Second Amendment is a personal right vs a collective right (an attempt to undo 2008’s Heller decision.)

<<< OPPOSE H.R. 3422/S1616! >>>

And while we focus on the Second Amendment, a rogue Supreme Court would destroy everything else that we love about America.

From our national defense to religious freedom, and from medical autonomy to issues related to the economy, a Biden-packed Supreme Court would be empowered to destroy our country!

That’s why you need to hammer on the red buttons in this email and make sure your congressmen and Senators know you oppose this — because support for this bill is growing!

Americans are already experiencing the weaponization of the federal government and its agencies against political opponents.

We’re already seeing the justice system implode, giving sweetheart deals to people friendly with the Biden Crime Family.

If the Left can seize control of the Supreme Court as well…   then our nation would be in very grave danger.

Fight backsign your petition immediately!


Gun owners in ‘red states’ need to sign this, because the GOP is weaker than ever in D.C. these days, with RINOs openly supporting gun control.

Gun owners in ‘blue states’ need to sign this, too, because many Democrats are scared of the ramifications of expanding the court and how that would hurt them at election time.

The demands for packing the Supreme Court are getting louder and louder.

Please don’t lay this email aside.

Please sign your petition and then chip in $17.76 or more to help us fight back!

For Iowa,