Des Moines Shooting Demonstrates Utter Futility of Gun Control in Iowa!

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“Early reports indicate that the suspect was already a convicted felon for purposes of federal guidelines rendering him unable to legally possess firearms. Clearly this suspect did what criminals always do and acquired a firearm through illegal means.” – Aaron Dorr, Executive Director, Iowa Gun Owners

(Des Moines, Iowa) – A mid-afternoon shooting in Des Moines’s south side Wednesday afternoon was the latest example of the failure of gun control schemes as a repeat criminal, already prohibited from possessing firearms, opened fire in his neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon.

The shooter, killed in a gun battle with police, made it clear that criminals can and will obtain a firearm no matter what gun control laws are put in place thereby only affecting law abiding citizens.

“The bottom line is that criminals are criminals – and they will always find a way to be armed regardless of what the law says. What’s truly frightening is that gun control advocates here in Iowa want to make us virtually helpless in the face of these violent attacks,” said Dorr.

Police have not yet released a motive for the shooting but court records indicate that the shooter was involved in an ongoing custody dispute and has been convicted of crimes in Iowa that make him a felon for purposes of firearms ownership.

“Anti-gun politicians in Iowa have been waiting for a chance to ram their gun control agenda through the General Assembly for a long time. Already they have proposals for the universal registration of all firearms, bans on firearms accessories based on their cosmetic design, and sweeping anti-gun mental health expansions introduced and awaiting legislative action. It’s a shame that they would use terrible incidents like Wednesday’s shooting to further a radical personal agenda. Gun owners in Iowa need to be ready,” concluded Dorr.