‘Red Flags Gun Seizure’ Legislation Signed Into Law!

Late last month, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed a sweeping gun control bill into law in nearby Illinois.

The legislation, referred to as ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ allows the government to come into your home and seize your firearms before you’ve even been arrested — much less convicted — of anything!

Perhaps even worse, the court hearings where these decisions are made are usually done ex-parte style, meaning you wouldn’t even know about it until it was all over!

I’ve prepared a special petition for you to sign, urging Iowa lawmakers to reject this gun control push here in Iowa. More on that below.

This radical legislation is being pushed by some of the most anti-gun lawmakers and Governors in the country right now and has recently become law in hard left states like California, Washington, Oregon, Maryland, and New Jersey.

Other states are trying to enact this legislation as well, but have been shut down by gun rights organizations or pro-gun lawmakers.

In New York, Governor Cuomo made this a top priority in 2018, but was stopped by Senate Republicans in Albany.

In Ohio, radical anti-gun Governor John Kasich, who has backed radical gun control since Clinton was in the White House, tried to pass this this year but was stopped by Ohio Gun Owners.

Hundreds of gun owners have been stripped of their firearms in these states — often based on the ‘testimony’ of an embittered ex-spouse –- having committed no crime at all!

Unfortunately, here in Iowa, House Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl is proposing the same legislation and promises to make this a central issue of the 2019 legislation session!

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Rep. Matt Windshitl is working to hammer the same gun control bill into law here in Iowa that anti-gun Governors like Andrew Cuomo (NY,) John Kasich (OH,) Kate Brown (OR,) and Jerry Brown (CA) are working on!

Please take a moment and help us stop New York styled gun control from becoming law here in Iowa, by signing your petition right away! 

Nor is the Windschitl proposal an idle threat.

In an interview with Iowa Press, Windshitl confirmed he’s having multiple meetings with anti-gun lawmakers looking to work out a deal!

Gun owners haven’t forgotten the previous deals made by Matt Windshitl, which include:

>>> His ‘strike after’ amendment to the omnibus gun bill in 2017 which removed Constitutional Carry, dramatically weakened pre-emption reform, and gutted the immunity provision on Stand-Your-Ground law.

Thankfully, IGO members pounded House leadership over this and forced them to reinsert the immunity language on the floor.

>>> His publicly stated willingness to make a deal and look at banning bump stocks late last year, which left the liberal Des Moines Register salivating.

The issue here wasn’t about bump stocks. Instead, it made it plain that Windshitl and House leadership were scared of liberal media and willing to make a deal — a terrible message to send to gun-grabbers.

>>> And gun owners will never forget that it was Matt Windshitl who worked all morning long, the day of our scheduled committee vote, to have Senate leadership pull Constitutional Carry last session.

Now, when Windshitl talks about his desire to ram ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation through the Iowa General Assembly next session — gun owners need to take this threat seriously.

It’s up to grassroots gun owners to stop him.

Please do your part, by signing your petition opposing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation IMMEDIATELY!

If you are asking yourself why he would be doing this, it’s obvious that Matt Windshitl is very much in love with the ‘atta-boys’ that he frequently receives from liberal media outlets in Des Moines –- and will do what it takes to keep them coming!

And nothing engenders more love from anti-gun media outlets than a lawmaker’s willingness to ‘reach across the aisle and make a deal’ with anti-gun radicals!

That’s why we can’t give an inch on this.

You see, some lawmakers may try to come back with a modified version of this bill.

Expect it.

Perhaps they will allow you to be present at the court proceedings, or maybe they will limit the length of time your guns can be held via a ‘Red Flag Seizure’ order.

None of that matters.

That’s because the moment you pass a placeholder bill like this into law, we are only one shooting away from the bill being grotesquely modified.

The media knows this, Windshitl knows this, and Bloomberg-backed groups know this.

So expect them to try for a milder version of this legislation, knowing that they will try to make it worse over time.

Iowa Gun Owners will oppose this legislation at every turn!

Please stand with us, by signing your petition right now!

And then please consider a donation to help us ramp up for the fall elections.

We simply can’t let Bloomberg-backed gun grabbers get into power here in Iowa again.

We’ve seen their agenda laid bare: banning all AR-15’s, disarming Iowans under age 21, repealing Stand-Your-Ground law and much more.

Help us hold the line with a donation of $100 right now!

We simply must have additional resources if we are going to be able to expose anti-gunners in targeted districts later on this year.

That said, if that’s simply too much, please make a donation of any amount that you can right here.

Thank you, in advance, for your activism in support of the Second Amendment!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With Illinois just enacting ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, Iowa lawmaker Matt Windshitl will be more emboldened to continue his push for this legislation here in Iowa.

This Constitution-shredding legislation allows virtually anyone to make any claim they want about you in a secret court proceeding — which will allow a judge to order your firearms taken before you’ve ever set foot in a courtroom!

Help us stop this dangerous legislation, by signing your petition NOW!

When you’re done, please consider a generous donation to help Iowa Gun Owners expose anti-gun lawmakers in the fall election!

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