Senator Brad Zaun Sponsoring Constitutional Carry!

When the fight over Constitutional Carry first started here in Iowa, only two states had similar legislation already on the books.

The two states, Alaska and Vermont, were chalked up as flukes and rural areas by anti-gun legislators who laughed at gun owners and tried to downplay this legislation in Iowa.

Then Wyoming, Arizona and Arkansas followed suit.

In 2015, Kansas and Maine became Constitutional Carry states.

In 2016, Idaho, Missouri, West Virginia, and Mississippi –-four states in a single year -– became Constitutional Carry states!

Keeping the momentum going, North Dakota and New Hampshire did the same thing in 2017.

In all, thirteen states now have Constitutional Carry laws on the books, wiping that smirk off of those anti-gun legislator’s faces.

What’s more, the incoming Governors in South Dakota and Oklahoma are talking about signing this bill into law this year — after their previous Governors vetoed the bill.

Gun owners will remember that during the 2018 session, Iowa Gun Owners racked up almost 20 cosponsors on our Constitutional Carry bill, and then got it passed through the Senate sub-committee.

But the day before the full committee was to hear the bill, the Parkland, FL shooting took place.

Nervous due to the optics and because of intense pressure from House leadership, lawmakers pulled the bill from further consideration for the year.

But with the 2019 session right around the corner, I’m pleased to announce that Judiciary Chairman Brad Zaun has enthusiastically agreed to champion this bill next session.

In fact, Senator Zaun and I have already met over this bill and are making final tweaks to the bill draft so that it is ready to go the moment session begins!

But now I need you to jump in and do your part, by signing your petition in support of this bill. More on that below.

The media, from Sioux City to Cedar Rapids and everywhere in between, will be whipping up a frenzy of opposition to this bill.

Bloomberg’s forces, excited after Bloomberg’s $250,000 donation to Iowa Democrats was able to remove Senator Rick Bertrand from office, will be out in force against it.

And weak kneed lawmakers will do what they can to try to stall the bill out, anything to make them have to actually vote on the floor for or against this bill.

That’s why I hope you will sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry law for Iowa IMMEDIATELY

As a reminder, Constitutional Carry is a straightforward concept that would simply let anyone who’s legally eligible to buy a gun carry it without first needing government permission.

No more having to add your name to a government database just because you want to defend your family.

No more having to pay expensive fees or deal with hostile county employees.

No more having to take a government mandated training class as a condition of being able to defend yourself.

It’s just the Second Amendment the way our forefathers intended it and the way gun owners in thirteen other states enjoy it.

If you agree that now is the time to pass Constitutional Carry law here in Iowa, please make sure to add your name to our grassroots army by signing your petition below!

Iowa Gun Owners hopes to be able to deliver over 50,000 signed petitions to the legislature in the opening days of the 2018 legislative session!

Make sure your name is there, that your voice is heard by
the politicians in Des Moines, by signing up right away!

As we saw last session, just because we have a pro-gun majority doesn’t mean that it’s a slam dunk that we will pass gun bills.

As you’ll remember, House leaders almost got away with gutting the immunity language out of Stand-Your-Ground law in 2017.

There are many ways that the legislature can weaken and undermine Constitutional Carry including:

>>> Adding a duty to notify peace officers that you’re carrying a concealed firearm, setting up a tense moment that is completely unnecessary.

>>> Adding a residency requirement, meaning that Constitutional Carry is only for Iowans, which would set up a dangerous “gotcha” moment for unsuspecting gun owners traveling through our state.

And believe me, as loud as the media and Bloomberg’s people will be screaming as we push this bill, moderates in the legislature will be looking for little compromises like this to ‘make a deal.’

But this isn’t a time to make deals — this is a time to secure the right to keep and bear arms for generations here in Iowa.

So please make sure you’ve signed your petition telling your legislature exactly that!

When you’re done, please consider a donation to help Iowa Gun Owners have the resources we need to push this bill through!

Iowa Gun Owners will send out mass emails by the tens of thousands as well as direct mail — all designed to pour pressure into the legislature.

We need help rolling out the kind of devastating radio and TV ads that have done much to expose gun-grabbers and pass Stand-Your-Ground law.

And we need help maintaining a social media program, which is how we get the word out to our grassroots army when seconds count.

Please help us!

If you have not yet renewed your membership for 2019, please do that at once.

For a Liberty Level membership ($35,) please go here.

For a Freedom or Patriot Level membership ($75, $125) with various swag options, please go here.

For a lifetime membership which now comes with payment plans, please go here.

If you have already renewed for the year, thank you!

But please consider a special contribution to help us in this fight! This is our chance to send a message to gun-grabbers and the media that Iowans will not back down and surrender our freedoms without a fight!

Many ‘red states’ are conceding the fight after recent mass shootings and allowing harmful gun control bills to pass.

Once that starts, it’s all but impossible to stop -– which is why we need to draw a line in the sand right here!

I don’t know what you can afford to give.

Some have already given $500 to offset major portions of this program. For others, I know that $10 is a real sacrifice.

Whatever you can do, please take action right away to help us get ready for the upcoming legislative session!

Whatever you do, make sure you’ve signed your petition, that’s most important.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With thirteen states already having Constitutional Carry on the books, it’s time Iowa join them.

With Judiciary Chairman Brad Zaun agreeing to lead this fight next session, there’s never been a better time to make this bill a reality!

Make sure your voice is heard, by signing your petition in support of this common-sense legislation right away!

Then, please help us get ready for a major fight with Bloomberg, the ISSDA, the FAKE NEWS, and anti-gun legislators by renewing your membership today!

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