China Scolds America on Video: Demands Small Arms Treaty!

This is ugly.

We’ve been warning you for a long time that the UN Small Arms Treaty would give the Communist Chinese the ability to know what guns you own, as the treaty tracks all ‘end users’ of firearms.

While failed basketball player Lebron James and Hollywood elites are terrified to say anything negative about China for fear that it may cost them money, the facts are revolting.

The Chinese government is a brutal dictatorship that murdered over 65,000,000 of its own people last century! And currently,   China’s leader Xi Jinping is having over 1,000,000 political opponents ‘re-educated’ and tortured in internment camps!

And with the largest army in the world, many believe it’s not a matter of if, but when, Communist China makes an overt move on America.

But unlike Taiwan and other countries that the Chinese are openly talking about trying to take over, the American people are not unarmed serfs. Here, 100 million Americans own somewhere close to 400 million firearms.

That’s why the Chinese government was furious when President Trump removed America as a signatory to the UN Small Arms Treaty in 2018 — and that’s why they are furious at American gun owners who are fighting to stop this treaty in the US Senate!  

Don’t have to take my word for it. Watch this recent video of the Chinese Foreign Minister’s spokesman for yourself!

I don’t know about you, but listening to the condescension drip off of this man’s face knowing that his government has a million people in a modern-day concentration camp makes my blood boil!

We can never forget that while gun owners like you and me have been focused on dealing with domestic tyrants for the last year, there are foreign governments (like the Communist Chinese) that would love to destroy our nation, too.

That’s why we MUST make sure that the United States Senate does not go along with the Biden Administration’s goal of ratifying the UN Small Arms Treaty — so please sign your petition against it immediately!


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With Biden in the White House, America has never been seen as more weak, more defenseless, and more at war with itself than we are right now.

Don’t think for a moment that our foreign enemies aren’t watching this. And don’t think that they won’t consider more aggressive action against our nation if they ever get a list of gun owners via this treaty!  

Please share this video with every gun owner you know, and urge them to sign their petition, too!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With Biden unable to pass gun control through Congress right now, he’s using administrative powers to make America a signatory of the UN Small Arms Treaty once again!

This evil treaty is being pushed by the Communist Chinese who hate this country and would love to know exactly which American households possess firearms.

But before that can happen, the United States Senate needs to ratify this treaty. So please tell Senators Grassley and Ernst to VOTE NO on this ratification vote, by signing your petition today!


Then please make a donation to help us fight back against the UN Small Arms Treaty today! This is a fight that we absolutely have to win!