It always comes back to the AR-15!

As far as I’m concerned, Saturdays in June are custom made to go shooting with your family and friends. I’ll be working on rifle drills later today with three of my older kids.

It is impossible to talk about the foundation of America without talking about the private ownership and use of rifles.

In the late 1770’s, Americans used smoothbore muskets. Today’s ‘musket’ is the wildly popular AR-15. These rifles often include weapon lights, red dot optics, and 30-round mags.

Just like the King of England despised the Americans for owning muskets in 1776, our ‘President’ despises us for owning AR-15s. We all know why. AR-15s are a final check on tyranny. Period.

But if you’re going shooting today, know that the politicians in Congress are HELL-BENT on making it a crime for you to possess that rifle — and gun owners need to make a stand right now!

The timing of this couldn’t be worse for Iowa Gun Owners.

As we told you recently, between our primary election program, the work our lawyers are doing in the Supreme Court, and the cost of everything, IGO is facing a significant budget crunch.

We need your help to close this end-of-quarter budget gap and hammer away in opposition to this new threat!


The lead sponsor of this bill in the House, Lucy McBath (D-GA), is perhaps the most aggressive gun grabber in Congress today. Her new bill (H.R. 8600) would crush our gun rights by:

>>> Making it a felony to buy, sell, transfer or manufacture a gas-operated semi-automatic rifle that uses detachable mags;

>>> Making it a felony to modify existing rifles that meet these tyrannical definitions;

>>> Making it a felony to assemble rifles like the AR-15 at home, something that countless Iowans do on a regular basis;

>>> Making it a felony to buy any rifle/handgun magazine that holds over ten rounds of ammunition.

Legislation like this is designed for just one purpose: to enslave a nation and make felons out of as many gun owners as they can in the process!

Please help us close our budget gap so that we can do what we do best; mobilize tens of thousands of gun owners to FIGHT BACK!


Your immediate support would allow us to flood Congress with calls, emails, and petitions opposing H.R. 8600/S. 3369 using digital ads, text alerts, and much more.

I know some may think, “What’s the big deal? We’ve stopped these before. The Senate Democrats don’t have 60 votes. We’re fine.’

We’re not.

Every time these bills come up the Radical Left is conditioning the American people to think it’s normal. Every time these bills are filed, more weak Republicans think about backing them.

That’s why every time an ‘assault weapons’ ban bill is filed we MUST THUNDER back in opposition. But we need your help to make that happen. Please make an urgent end-of-quarter donation now!


These tyrants hate our freedoms. They hate an armed population. They won’t stop until all of us are disarmed.

We need to stand up and hold the line!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The Radical Left wants to totally disarm the American population and that’s why Biden just had a massive ‘assault weapons’ ban filed in Congress!

Help us fight back, before it’s too late!


Make an END-OF-QUARTER donation today!