Constitutional Carry Ready for Cosponsors in the Senate!

With Stand-Your-Ground having been filed and sent into the committee process, we have some time to push for cosponsors to our Constitutional Carry legislation!

And there’s never been a better time to make this push.

In 2009, Iowa Gun Owners was founded out of the frustration of hundreds of thousands of gun owners who were being denied the right to carry by their anti-gun sheriffs.

Our major legislative push was Constitutional Carry legislation, which simply states that if you’re legally allowed to own a firearm you’re legally allowed to carry one for self-defense.

No more having to put your name on a government database just because you want to carry a gun to defend your family.

No more having to pay a tax on a constitutionally guaranteed right.

No more having to be treated like a common criminal because you take your responsibility to defend your family seriously.

Constitutional Carry removes all of that by simply making the permit process here in Iowa optional.

If you want to obtain a permit for reciprocity reasons –you’d still be able to under a Constitutional Carry statue — but it would be your choice.

Of course, many condescending legislators in Des Moines sneered at the thought that you and I would dare to demand our Second Amendment freedoms back.

Many times they voted against the bill, or blocked it from ever coming up for a vote.

But over the years, our programs to expose those anti-gun legislators at election time have seen dozens of those sneering legislators booted out of office by gun owners!

In fact, 35 anti-gun legislators have been booted out of office for their votes against Constitutional Carry over the years.

Of course as you all know, this was capped off late last year with the defeat of the two men perhaps most responsible for blocking this bill: Mike Gronstal and Steve Sodders!

In the meantime, as Iowa was held back by these two and others, states all over the country have passed this crucial legislation.

In 2016 Missouri, Idaho, West Virginia and Mississippi became Constitutional Carry states.

In 2015 Kansas and Maine added their names to the list.

In all now, 11 states have enacted Constitutional Carry law and — despite the claims from liberal media — early reports indicate their crime rates are plummeting!

It’s time Iowa catches up and passes this legislation!

Thankfully, pro-gun stalwart and State Senator Rick Bertrand has re-filed this legislation in the Iowa Senate which means that it’s available for cosponsors right now.

The bill won’t be assigned a bill number until the cosponsors names are added, but the bill is physically laying on Senator Bertrand’s desk ready to be signed!

That’s why I hope you’ll stop what you’re doing and immediately contact your State Senator and urge him/her to cosponsor this bill right away!

You can get ahold of them by:

>>>  Calling them via the Senate switchboard at 515-281-3371 (they’ll connect you automatically.)

>>>  Emailing them, to find a list of their email addresses please go here.

>>>  Sending them a message via Facebook. Almost all of them use Facebook and it’s a great way to reach out to them fast.

>>>  Telling them in person when you see them at their weekend forums.

However you get ahold of them, your message is simple. In fact, you can copy the one below:

Iowans have waited a long time for Constitutional Carry and crushed the political ambitions of dozens of legislators who stood in its path. 2017 is the year to make it happen here in Iowa after gun owners spoke so loudly in the 2016 elections. Please do your part by cosponsoring the Constitutional Carry bill on Senator Bertrand’s desk right away!
Please call, email, and message them on Facebook right away! In fact, feel free to do all three!

Once you’re done, please also forward this email to your friends and family and urge them to contact their legislator, too.

And, if you’re not sure who your legislator is, you can find out right here.

Gun owners in Iowa have fought tooth and nail for this legislation for a long time, successfully flipping the House (in 2010) and the Senate (in 2016) in the process.

But this work will be for nothing if we don’t maintain the pressure on the legislature and ensure that they move this legislation in 2017!

This is our chance, and, with majorities this big, if they don’t pass this now, when will they?

So please contact your legislators now!

For Freedom,
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners
P.S. After crushing gun-grabbers like Mike Gronstal, Steve Sodders, Brian Schoenjahn, and others at the polls over their votes against Constitutional Carry, now is our chance to pass this vital legislation!

Senator Rick Bertrand has filed Constitutional Carry legislation and the bill is now ready to be co-sponsored!

Please contact your Senator right away, using the information above, and insist that he support this vital legislation!

When you’re done, make sure your friends do, too!

This is our year — but it won’t happen on its own — so call now!