Governor Reynolds Needs to Hear from You NOW!

As you read in our previous update, Governor Reynolds has three days to make a decision on Constitutional Carry law (H.F. 756).

The Governor can sign the bill, veto the bill, or take no action on the bill. If she takes no action on it, Constitutional Carry law will become law automatically after the third day.

Governor Reynolds voted for Constitutional Carry law during her time in the Iowa Senate (S-5371, 3/27/10.) Between this vote and other factors, we expect Governor Reynolds to sign this bill.

But that’s not to say that we can sit back and relax. In fact, Iowa Gun Owners is going up on TV today with this TV ad, as we seek to flood the Governor’s phones lines with calls from gun owners, urging her to sign H.F. 756!

(You’ll see the ad on KCCI, WHO-13, and other stations.)

Again, H.F. 756 contains Constitutional Carry legislation, a repeal of the permit to purchase handguns, an improvement to our pre-emption laws, protections for gun owners who live in apartments, and much more.

Passing this legislation would be a monumental step forward for freedom and our great Second Amendment! But first we need Governor Reynolds to sign the bill into law!

Please take action now, and contact Governor Reynolds by:

Your message is very simple: sign H.F. 756 into law, so that Iowans can enjoy the same freedoms that gun owners in eighteen other states enjoy.

Please take action now! The Des Moines Register is already trying to use the Colorado shooting to bully the Governor into vetoing this law and we can’t take any chances!

If you can help Iowa Gun Owners fund some of the TV ads that are running today, please do so here!

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For Freedom, 

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Pressure is mounting against Constitutional Carry, as the Des Moines Register and others are working overtime to convince Governor Reynolds to veto House File 756 in light of the Colorado shootings!

Contact Governor Reynolds now! Tell her that law abiding Iowans aren’t the problem, and that passing Constitutional Carry will make Iowans safer, just like it’s done in eighteen other states!

Iowa Gun Owners is kicking off a TV ad campaign today on KCCI, WHO-13 and other stations to finish this fight! Help us fund this airtime; make a donation today!