IT’S OFFICIAL: Iowa Joins the Constitutional Carry Club!

It’s official! Earlier this morning, Iowa officially became the nation’s 20th Constitutional Carry state!

Constitutional Carry means that if you want to obtain a permit to carry a firearm for self-defense, you may, but you would no longer be required to do so.

Never again will we be required to ask the government for permission to carry a firearm, pay a fee to the government to carry a firearm, or have our names tracked in a government database for carrying a firearm!

The fight to make Iowa a Constitutional Carry state was long and hard, as anti-gun Democrats and anti-gun moderate Republicans fought us on this legislation for years.

The media, of course, did all they could to quash us.

And the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association used the natural respect that law abiding Iowans have for our peace officers to attack the bill in the legislature.

So what should have been an easy fight in a ‘pro-gun state’ became a knock-down-drag-out street-brawl between the members of Iowa Gun Owners and smug politicians on both sides of the aisle.

But the politicians never imagined the staying power of the members of this wonderful organization. They never thought it was possible that you would give us the money we needed to hold politicians accountable at election time.

They never thought that you would be flooding legislative email boxes with hundreds of thousands of emails demanding action on this bill, year after year.

And they never imagined that this powerhouse for freedom would earn the trust of our members so thoroughly, that you wouldn’t listen to their non-stop attacks on our board of directors.

Over six election cycles, the members of Iowa Gun Owners threw DOZENS of gun-grabbers to the curb for their votes against this bill. You flipped the Iowa House and Senate along the way, and paved the way for not only Constitutional Carry, but countless bills that have benefited the lives of everyday Iowans!

For a full report on the fight to pass Constitutional Carry, you can go here.

For your relentless support of freedom that has made this legislation a reality while reshaping Iowa’s entire political landscape, you have my deepest thanks.

The fight for freedom never rests, as the enemies to our freedom never rest. So enjoy this massive win, and enjoy your upcoming 4th of July holiday.

But know that we are already meeting with legislators and making adjustments to the next major political battle that we are spearheading: the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

I have no doubt that we’ll encounter opposition from the anti-gun left, the moderates on the right, the media and the Sheriff’s Association.

But we’ve been down this road before…and my money is on the members of Iowa Gun Owners!


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners