We’re Giving Away Six Glocks!

“Mike Gronstal loses his re-election!”

This was the shot heard around the state last November as mobilized gun owners threw Gronstal out of office over his blockade of the pro-gun legislation.

Of course, Mike Gronstal wasn’t the only legislator that Iowa Gun Owners worked so hard to expose with TV and radio ads, mail, slicks, social media efforts and more.

In all, six of six Iowa Senate incumbents were bounced from office for their refusal to back Stand-Your-Ground and Constitutional Carry legislation!

Now, to celebrate the anniversary of this incredible achievement, and to prepare for the fight over Constitutional Carry next session, Iowa Gun Owners is announcing one last gun giveaway for the year!

But unlike most of our giveaways, this contest will feature six matching handguns in honor of the hard work that gun owners did in removing six anti-gun legislators from office last year!

That’s right –- we’re giving away six Glock 19’s to six different winners! I’ll give you a link to get signed up in a moment.

As I mentioned above, the fight over Constitutional Carry is going to be front and center when the gavel falls on the 2018 legislative session

Iowa Gun Owners’ representatives have already conducted meetings with potential bill sponsors and committee chairmen and finalized drafts of the bill as we prepare for January.

And everything that we are hearing points to an all-out battle the moment this bill gets “read-in” next session!

The only consolation anti-gun legislators and media outlets expressed last session — after we hammered Stand-Your-Ground and much more into law –- was that they had stifled Constitutional Carry.

Already they are pledging to ‘go to the mat’ in an attempt to shut us down in 2018.

And, as we saw last session, there are plenty of weak-kneed legislators in House leadership who are all too quick to ‘make a deal’ with anti-gun factions for fear of being labeled extreme in the news media.

So we are going to need all hands on deck next session!

To prepare for that, we need to expand the size of our grassroots army, and that starts with our 6-Glock giveaway!

Make sure you’re eligible to win your Glock 19 by clicking on the box below!

As everyone knows, the Glock 19 is a fantastic gun for everyday carry as it so expertly blends its compact size and generous 15+1 capacity with a very ergonomic grip which makes shooting it under stress that much easier.

And let’s be honest, even our die-hard 1911 supporters wouldn’t be opposed to winning a Glock, they could always give it away to a friend if they won it.

As you sign up to win, please consider a donation to help Iowa Gun Owners prepare for the upcoming legislative session.

Politics is about confronting politicians with as large of a grassroots base as possible — both in the election season and the legislative season.

Mobilizing this grassroots army isn’t free.

As you saw all last session, it takes mountains of emails, radio and TV ads, volumes of targeted social media, piles of direct mail and more.

But it’s an undeniable fact that it works!

After an expensive election program last fall to mobilize gun owners, then another one during the 2017 legislative session, I need help getting Iowa Gun Owners ‘battle ready’ for 2018.

We’ve got the wind at our backs right now here in Iowa, something that we’ve not had in all the years that we’ve fought to advance Constitutional Carry.

Now is our chance to secure the next chapter in Second Amendment freedom for the next generation of gun owners –- so get ready for a fight!

Whatever you do, make sure you’ve registered to win a Glock 19 from Iowa Gun Owners

The giveaway will end on November 8, 2017, the first anniversary of the end of Mike Gronstal’s 34-year anti-gun reign in the Iowa legislature.

So sign up right away and then send this email to all of your family and friends and make sure they do too!

For Freedom,

Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. As the one-year anniversary of the defeat of Mike Gronstal and five of his anti-gun pals in the Iowa Senate approaches — Iowa Gun Owners is proud to announce a 6-Glock giveaway!

But there’s only one way to be able to win one of these guns, and that’s by signing up by clicking the box below!

And don’t forget, the fight over Constitutional Carry will be taking center stage here in Iowa next session, something that anti-gunners are preparing to go to war to stop!

We need all hands on deck. So once you’ve signed up to win a Glock 19, please consider helping Iowa Gun Owners get ready for what will be an expensive 2018 legislative session!