🚨🚨 Biden Just 17 Votes Short of Banning AR-15s!

This is going from bad to worse…

Support for Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons’ ban is exploding, with over 200 members of House already co-sponsoring H.R. 698 in the first week!

This legislation would put you in prison for up to TEN YEARS for the ‘crime’ of buying a 30-round magazine or an AR-15! Biden’s goal is simple: he wants to disarm the American people.

And we all know why.

Biden needs 218 votes to pass a bill in the House. He has 201 between the co-sponsors and the original sponsor of the bill.

So if just seventeen RINO Republicans cross over the line, this legislation will pass! Remember, when Pelosi passed this same bill in the House last year, at least six RINOs voted for it!

That’s why it’s urgent that Senators Grassley and Ernst (along with your Congressman) hear from you today…so they know exactly what you expect of them!

After you sign your petition, please make a donation of $17.76 to help us stop this bill!

And please forward this bill to every gun owner you know!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Hundreds of Congressmen have cosponsored Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons’ ban in the House in just a week’s time. If just 17 RINO Republicans join them, they’ll have the votes they need!

Sign your petition opposing H.R. 698 immediately, so that Senators Grassley and Ernst and your Congressman know where YOU stand.

When you’re done, please make a donation of $17.76 or higher, and forward this email to every gun owner you know!