109 Days Until Iowans are Facing Felonies!

In just 109 days, tens of thousands of gun owners here in Iowa are going to face a choice: register their AR-15 pistol braces with the ATF, dump them, or face felony charges!

That’s because Joe Biden has unilaterally changed the definition of a pistol brace, classifying them as short-barreled rifles, even though Congress never voted on this.

But here’s the really insulting part: Biden is counting on Iowa cops to arrest Iowa gun owners who break this gun control edict.  

And unless the Iowa legislature passes HF-147 (IGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act), Iowa cops will have no choice but to enforce this order — especially in ‘blue’ cities.

Tell your State Senator and State Rep. to support HF-147!

Please understand that this has nothing to do with pistol braces. The issue here is obvious: If Joe Biden can re-define firearms and accessories at a whim and force Iowa cops to enforce his new orders, there is no limit to the damage he can do.

SAPA law would gut Biden’s agenda overnight!

That’s because SAPA law asserts our state sovereignty and instructs Iowa cops to only enforce Iowa law when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories.

And by denying Biden the free use of Iowa cops, his gun control agenda will simply go unenforced here — just like it’s being unenforced in nearby Missouri after they passed SAPA in 2021.

(The federal government can still enforce federal gun laws, but they won’t be able to en mass, they simply lack the manpower.)

But SAPA doesn’t just protect gun owners from Joe Biden. It also protects Iowa cops from Joe Biden. So tell your State Senator and State Rep. to support this bill!

You see, right now Iowa cops only have two options if they are ordered to enforce unconstitutional gun control orders from the White House: violate their oath of office or get fired.

SAPA law protects them because if they are ordered to enforce federal gun control laws by their police chief, they can simply point to SAPA and shake their head.

That’s why some of Iowa’s most respected law enforcement voices (like Carroll County Attorney John Werden) are publicly urging the legislature to pass this bill before adjournment!

Thanks to your calls and emails, the following State Reps have added their name as cosponsors to this legislation:

Representatives Hayes, Bradley, Jeneary, M. Thompson, Sherman, Dieken, Henderson, Meggers, Gerhold, Osmundson, Cisneros, Stol, Tenberg, Wheeler, and Boden are all supporting SAPA law!

If your State Representative’s name is listed above, be sure to thank them for standing up against Joe Biden’s war on gun owners -– but if you don’t see his/her name, hit the link below!

Support for SAPA is growing as the legislature realizes what gun owners are facing in 109 days…but we are a LONG WAY from passing this bill.

Please make sure your legislators know that this isn’t a luxury, that you won’t be content to see them pass this bill three years from now! Tell them that we need this done THIS SESSION!

After you’ve signed your petition, please donate so that IGO can use our texting program to put pressure on hold-out legislators in the House!

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Gun owners have built massive majorities here in Des Moines over the last ten years. Now it’s time these majorities protect the gun owners that put them there.

Sign your petition TODAY!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. In just 109 days, Iowa cops will be expected to arrest Iowans who own an unregistered pistol brace, all because Biden redefined these items and considers them ‘machine guns.’

If Biden can do this to a pistol brace, he’ll move right on to other items next. Worse, Biden wants to make Iowa cops enforce this garbage.

SAPA law (HF-147) would stop all of this, by requiring Iowa cops to enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms, ammo, and accessories. Tell your Senator and Representative to back it!