Announcing Keynote Speaker for Gun Rights Rally!

A month from tomorrow, hundreds of your fellow gun owners will be converging on Mt. Auburn for the 2018 Iowa Gun Owners Membership rally!

As you have likely heard, this is going to be an awesome family event with machine guns, a pistol range for new shooters, and a variety of updates on the fight for gun rights.

Of course, we will be talking about the battle for Second Amendment freedom here in Iowa, and our plans for holding anti-gun lawmakers accountable at election time.

But in addition to that, I hope that you will come out to meet and take the opportunity to visit with our keynote speaker: Gun Owners of Americas’ Erich Pratt!

Everyone knows that Gun Owners of America is the one truly ‘No Compromise’ gun rights organization in Washington D.C.

When almost every other gun rights group in America conceded on Diane Feinstein’s FIX NICS bill, GOA stood up.

And when anti-gunners blamed the mass shooting in Las Vegas on bump stocks, as part of their efforts to go after more accessories down the road, GOA refused to concede.

That’s why MSNBC hates them.

That’s why former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hates them.

That’s why liberal talk head Piers Morgan hates them.

And that’s why many lawmakers hate them — and urge people to stop giving them money!

Wow, does that sound familiar or what?

In politics, if weak-kneed politicians, not to mention out and out gun-grabbers don’t despise you, you’re doing something wrong.

That’s why we are so happy to bring GOA’s Executive Director Erich Pratt to Iowa, to be the keynote speaker at our 2018 Iowa Gun Owners Membership Rally!

Gun Owners of America is actively working in Washington D.C. to stop the non-stop call for gun control!

In addition to that, Gun Owners of America has been involved in our fight for Constitutional Carry here in Iowa, with Larry Pratt offering testimony on behalf of the bill earlier this year.

So make plans to attend the IGO Membership Rally now, using the details below!

Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Sure Shot Range, 1777 55th St, Mt. Auburn, IA

There is no cost to attend the rally, but we do need you to register to attend so that we can effectively plan for this event.

To register, click here or on the image below

Of course, we aren’t only going to be talking about politics — after all, this is a rally for the Second Amendment!

That’s why we are teaming up with Jerry’s Machine Guns and Sure Shot Range in Mt. Auburn, to have almost 100 full-auto machine guns on hand for you to test fire!

I’m talking about everything from belt-fed heavy machine guns like the Browning .30 and the M249 .223 SAW, to the 9mm UZI and the 7.62×39 AK47!

In addition to that, we are going to have a pistol range going as well for new or beginning shooters who want to try out a handgun for the first time.

Even better, the guns and ammo for the pistol range will be provided by Iowa Gun Owners!

And the range will be run by my personal friend, Steve Smith, of Double Action Defense of Algona who will have a team of trainers on hand to assist both men and women!

(Please note that the machine gun range is in conjunction with, but separate from, the IGO rally — so you’ll need to bring cash to participate in the machine gun shoot. Ear and eye protection would be a good idea, too.)

With our gun rights under attack from the media, anti-gun lawmakers here in Iowa and in Washington, and Bloomberg-funded activists — there has never been a better time to rally for the Second Amendment!

But remember, we need to know how many people are coming to this event to be able to best plan for it.

So be sure and register to attend today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. If you haven’t already done so, make plans to attend the 2018 Iowa Gun Owners Membership Rally being held next month!

We are pleased to announce that in addition to a machine gun shoot and pistol range, we are going to be hearing from Gun Owners of America’s Executive Director Erich Pratt as our keynote speaker!

All the details of this event are listed above.

While attending the event is free, we need an accurate head count, so please register TODAY!

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