Anti-Gun Businesses in Iowa!

If you’re a member of Iowa Gun Owner’s Facebook page, then by now you’re well aware that this is the most active Facebook page in Iowa.

It’s packed with info on our right to protect the second amendment, and as part of that effort we highlight a pro-gun business of the week, every week.

Gun owners love to spend their money where their rights are appreciated, respected, and upheld.

And that’s why, ever since last summer, IGO has been very pleased to highlight and promote one of these businesses every week so that gun owners state-wide know that this business is a great place to go and spend their money.

And let me tell you, the results have been fantastic!

Some of these business owners have called and thanked us for mentioning them, saying they get a jump in sales in the days and weeks that follow these types of promotional posts.

Of course we’re happy to help out folks that support our right to defend ourselves and our families.

IGO features an anti-gun business of the week as well, so you know what businesses reject your right to carry a firearm to defend yourself and your family.

Many times, these businesses are contacted by one anti-gun zealot who thinks that guns magically fly out of your holster and shoot anyone that may be in the same business that you’re shopping.

Sometimes they are successful in encouraging the store owner or manager to post a sign that bans your ability to have a firearm for self-defense as you’re shopping in that store.

As much as IGO is willing to promote and thank pro-gun businesses, we are also willing to expose these anti-gun businesses where your money is well received but your second amendment rights are not.

And the results have been amazing!

Already since launching the program this summer, we have seen many businesses take down their anti-gun signs and instead respect your right to carry a firearm for self-defense.

The Harley-Davidson in Davenport, the Napa Auto Parts store in Des Moines, the Subway in Keokuk, gas stations in small towns all over Iowa, and many more have already changed their policies after receiving a handful of polite phone calls from Iowa Gun Owners members, thanks to this program.

(Another business here in Iowa, tossing their “No Guns Allowed” sign in the trash – thanks to the Iowa Gun Owners ‘No Guns – No Money’ program.)

Sometimes these businesses just don’t seem to get the message.

For example, an IGO member recently contacted us and told us that he took his spouse to the Mandolin Inn Bed & Breakfast, located at 199 Loras Boulevard in Dubuque, for a relaxing mini vacation.

He said that while enjoying breakfast one morning, he was discussing hobbies with the establishment’s owner, Amy Boynton, and as she discussed her love of art he discussed his love for firearms and the second amendment in general.

Hearing this, the owner asked him very aggressively if he happened to have a firearm on his person at that time.

When our member confirmed that he was armed to defend himself and his spouse, he was given a strict ultimatum – disarm or leave

Suffice to say, our supporter did not spend any more of his time at the Mandolin Inn Bed & Breakfast!

We reached out to speak with the owner, Amy Boynton, and she confirmed her aggressively anti-gun policy.

In fact, she went so far as to say that if you are a cop or someone who “needs a gun,” that you would be welcome to spend your money with her.

But if you were a ‘regular,’ every-day law abiding citizen…like the type that spends money at a bed & breakfast…your money and your business were not welcome there.

Sadly, Miss Boynton, like so many other anti-gun business owners across the state, doesn’t understand that the majority of Iowans are pro-gun and support our right to self-defense.

As of this writing, it is too soon to tell whether Ms. Boynton will be changing her policy or not. If she does, we’ll be sure and let you know.

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We’ll be happy to highlight your pro-gun business in upcoming posts on our Facebook page.

Alternatively, if you’ve ever been kicked out of a business because you carried a firearm for self-defense, or you come across a business that has a sign that makes it clear that they despise your right to self-defense, we hope you’ll contact us then, too.

The same information would be useful- business name, address, city, and a photograph of the sign would be fantastic. (Just snap one with your cell phone and email it to us.)

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Either way, we hope you’ll get involved in our online page as we fight for our second amendment rights here in Iowa. Almost 70,000 Iowans are here waiting for you!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

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