Anti-Gunners Targeting Senator Grassley…Will He Yield?

As we reported last week, the anti-gunners are going all out right here in Iowa.

Their target: US Senator Chuck Grassley.

By now, many of you have seen the TV ads and internet ads launched by these out of state anti-gun lobbies.

Their goal is clear, they want Senator Grassley’s vote on universal gun registration.

It’s very simple – they want the Obama Administration to have a list of every gun and every gun owner in the United States.

You and I know that virtually every time in history when a government gets a list like this, gun confiscation quickly follows.

Anti-gunners are pouring their money and pressure onto Senator Grassley, because they are getting shut down elsewhere

Seeing some of their agenda fall by the wayside, they are making a major push to get the support of Grassley as he is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If he goes along with their totalitarian schemes, the anti-gunners know that it will be much easier to get the more junior members of the GOP Senate caucus to support their agenda.

The scary thing is that it appears to be working.

Just last week, Senator Grassley cast a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee in SUPPORT of one of President Obama’s proposals!

It should be noted that Grassley was the only Republican to do so. This may be the tipping point that the gun grabbers are hoping for.

That’s why it’s vital that you contact Senator Grassley’s office IMMEDITAELY and let him know that you expect him to vote AGAINST gun control in ANY for

Don’t be surprised to hear from call takers that the Senator is voting no on an “assault weapons ban” or against “high capacity magazines.”

We expect that from him.

But we need him to oppose ALL forms of gun control, including S. 443 and S. 54 which would:

Make you a felon, and lock you away in federal prison for 15 years if you give a firearm to a family member or friend – when you “had a reason to believe” that he/she was prohibited.

>>> Subject you to draconian forfeiture, racketeering, and money laundering penalties – virtually assuring that you’ll spend the rest of your life in poverty – even if you win your case;

>>> Impose the same 15-year federal prison sentence if you sell more than one firearm to someone that you should have known was prohibited.

The problem is, what does “reason to believe” mean? Who is a prohibited person? What standard is being used to decide all this?

If your grandson came home from war and some ‘mental health staffer’ labeled him as having PTSD from seeing combat – and you didn’t know that – should that be your fault?

Or what if you are getting older and are selling off your collection of firearms and sell more than one gun to the same person – when he had a protective order against him and never told you – are you guilty because you should have known that?

And since Barack Obama just issued an Executive Order calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to redefine what prohibited means, the definition of “prohibited” could change any day depending on the Attorney General.

While we respect Senator Grassley for his years of service, his stance on the 2nd Amendment is confusing.

He voted to confirm President Obama’s notorious anti-gun nominee for Attorney General Eric Holder – but now he’s perhaps the loudest critic of AG Holder’s criminal actions in the “Fast and Furious” scandal.

He temporarily supported a ban on so-called “high capacity magazines” earlier in the year – but hours later he changed his mind on that.

Now he voted in support of a very dangerous bill in committee just last week.

I’m afraid that the TV and Internet ads are getting to him.

Please call his office immediately at 202-224-3744 and strongly urge him to VOTE NO to all of President Obama’s agenda.

Urge him to not yield to the pressure being applied here in Iowa from out of state organizations and to oppose ALL of Obama’s schemes.

Finally, please consider helping Iowa Gun Owners financially. We are trying to put the final pieces together on a grassroots program designed to counter the out-of-state pressure being applied to Senator Grassley.

This will involve direct mail, robo calls, emails and more.

But we need your support to make this happen as we’ve exhausted a good portion of our funds in combating gun control at the state level over the last 3 months.

Your contribution of $100, $50 or even just $35 will help us reach out to hundreds of Iowans to mobilize them in this fight

Please make your calls right away. The lines are busy, but be patient, you will get through.

   For Freedom,  
   Aaron Dorr
   Executive Director

   Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Out of state anti-gun lobbies are pouring money and pressure on Iowa’s Senator Chuck Grassley urging him to support President Obama’s gun control agenda.

TV ads, Internet ads, phone calls – Senator Grassley is being pressured to give in.

Sadly, it may be working as Grassley just last week cast a bad vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Call him TODAY at 202-224-3744 and insist that he vote NO to all forms of gun control

Also, please help IGO combat out of state forces who are piling money and pressure on Senator Grassley.

We are planning a large, grassroots effort using direct mail, email, and robo calls to make sure that Senator Grassley hears from Iowans directly.

But we’ve utilized a good portion of our funds in the last three months combating gun control at the state level. So please consider a donation of $100, $50, or even just $35 – every cent will be put immediately to use in this effort