Are You Coming to the Gun Show(s) This Weekend?

It’s been a very busy week in the fight for the 2nd Amendment here in Des Moines, as numerous pro-gun bills have passed the House and have been laid at the feet of Senate leadership.

Will they take action on those bills — or maintain their blockade on the Second Amendment, as they have done with Stand-Your-Ground law and Constitutional Carry?

Make sure your voice is heard in this fight by getting involved in the work of Iowa Gun Owners this weekend at one of the two shows we’re coming to this weekend!

Here’s the details on the shows for this weekend:

>>> Waterloo Gun Show – McElroy Auditorium
    257 Ansborough Ave, Waterloo
    Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 9-5pm

>>> Mason City – North Iowa Events Center
    3700 4th St. SW, Mason City
    Saturday 9-5pm

This would be an excellent chance for you to come by and join Iowa Gun Owners (and pick up your free T-shirt in the process), pick up a free IGO decal, and grab some free “No Guns – No Money” business cards.

It would also be an excellent time for you to get involved in our fight to advance Stand-Your-Ground law here in Iowa — just as thousands of other Iowans did these past few weekends at gun shows all over Iowa!

While it may not seem like it, the 2016 elections are just around the corner here in Iowa and now is the time for your legislator to stand up for your Second Amendment rights!

And if you are able, Iowa Gun Owners is looking for a few more volunteers to help us at our booth.

Our volunteers never have to pay admission to the gun show and you’ll get a free IGO hat or an IGO t-shirt if you can stand with us for a 4 hour time block.

If you’re interested, please click here and someone from our office will be in touch.

In addition, take a look at this jam packed schedule of gun shows that Iowa Gun Owners will be a part of over the next couple of weeks.

So whether you want to volunteer at one of these towns, or just want to stop in and get involved in our fight to protect and advance the 2nd Amendment, know that we’re coming to gun shows all over the state!

*** Council Bluffs March 4-5
    Mall of the Bluffs 1751 Madison Ave
    Friday 4-9pm and Saturday 9-5pm

*** Davenport March 4-5
    Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
    Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 9-5pm

*** Spirit Lake March 12
    Spirit Lake Expo Center 1602 15th St
Saturday 9-5pm

*** Clive April 1-2
    Seven Flags Events Center, 2100 NW 100th St
    Friday 5-9pm Saturday 9-5pm

*** LeMars April 2
    LeMars Convention Center, 275 12th St SE

       Saturday 9-5pm

*** Marshalltown April 8-9
    Central Iowa Fairgrounds 1308 E Olive St.
    Friday 4-9pm and Saturday 9-5pm

*** Council Bluffs April 22-23
    Westfair 22984 US-6 Council Bluffs
    Friday 4-9pm and Saturday 9-5pm

So again, whether you can help out this weekend or at any one of the gun shows listed above, we would be honored to have your support.

Just click here to choose the location and time that best suits your schedule and someone from our office will contact you.

Again, Iowa Gun Owners will be at the gun show in Waterloo and Mason City this Friday and Saturday — come on out and join our fight to defend the Second Amendment in Iowa!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Gun bills are on the move here in Des Moines — but the Senate leadership seems determined to block all legislation.

Stand with us in our fight to defend the Second Amendment by getting involved in gun shows in Waterloo, and Mason City!

All the details on locations and times are listed above!

Stop in an join in the 2nd Amendment fight and while you’re there, you can pick up a free decal, sign your Stand-Your-Ground law petition, pick up some free “No Guns – No Money” business cards, and join IGO and receive a FREE T-Shirt!

To volunteer to work at any one of the dozens of shows that we’ll be coming to in 2016, just click here!