Are You In or Out?

With everything that we are facing in the 2020 legislative session — from an all-out war over ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, to a major fight to obtain floor votes on Constitutional Carry legislation — I am counting on you!

It’s no secret that gun grabbers here in Iowa are fired up.

In the wake of the El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH shootings, gun grabbers are going for broke in Washington, D.C. and right here in Iowa, seeking to use the blood of those innocent victims to pass a radical gun control agenda.

Never mind the fact that the Texas shooting happened in a ‘Gun Free Zone’ where all of the good guys were disarmed and left helpless — highlighting the failure of gun control.

Never mind the fact that the Ohio shooting was carried out by a madman who bought his firearms after having first passed a background check — highlighting the failure of gun control.

And never mind the fact that NO FORM OF GUN CONTROL will ever stop a would-be criminal. In fact, it only makes it easier for criminals to attack law abiding citizens, since only law abiding citizens follow the law in the first place!

None of that matters.

This has NOTHING to do with guns, and EVERYTHING to do with
radical leftists trying to make America into the next socialist disaster like Venezuela — where politicians have all of the power and control!

But for them to do that, they first need to disarm law-abiding Iowans like you and me, just like every other country in world history has done before turning on its citizens.

That’s why gun-grabbers are going ‘all-in’ on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, that would allow a rogue judge to issue a confiscation order for every firearm you have before you’ve been convicted of ANYTHING!

Making matters worse is that almost anyone can file one of these complaints against you.

From a liberal college professor who hates your beliefs, to a bitter ex-spouse who is looking to ruin you, to an estranged family member who lives 1,000 miles away — virtually anyone can file a complaint against you and destroy your life.

If gun control activists are able to pass this legislation here in Iowa, it would mean the END of your due process rights!

‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ orders are issued before you’ve been convicted of anything, obliterating any notion that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Instead, a liberal judge simply declares that ‘you are dangerous’ and orders your firearms seized -– requiring you to come before him at a later date to prove your innocence!

If they can get away with this, how long before liberal elites destroy all of our freedoms via court orders, with no requirement that you be convicted of a crime in court?

Sadly, it isn’t just liberal Democrats who are pushing for this legislation here in Iowa.

In fact, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has already endorsed this legislation. And in doing so, he’s allowed Bloomberg-backed radicals to use his support to put pressure on Republican lawmakers here in Iowa to support the bill, too.

And with Republican House Majority Leader Matt Windshitl already talking about his support for some form of this legislation — not to mention working to find Democrat support for it — this is a threat that we need to take very seriously!

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At the same time, we need to get ready for what will likely be a massive fight over ‘Universal Background Check’ legislation, the gun-grabbers’ long term goal.

This legislation would create a statewide database of every gun owner in Iowa, by requiring that every firearm transfer in the state go through a government background check first.

This means it would be a criminal offense for you to sell or even give a firearm to someone unless you first obtain government permission!

Did you get that?

It would be a FELONY OFFENSE for you to give firearms to anyone –- even your own children and grandchildren –- without first begging permission from the government, under the proposals that are being filed here in Iowa!

And even though these background checks have been utterly discredited as a means of stopping violent killers, this legislation (H.F. 127) already has the support of DOZENS of lawmakers and will likely have the support of dozens more once the legislative session convenes.

So we must be ready for this fight.

But we also can’t ignore the fact that, with the 2020 elections on the horizon, this next session may be our best chance in a long time at passing Constitutional Carry!

While legislative leaders in Des Moines killed this bill last year, caving in to the pressure of the gun grabbers and the FAKE NEWS media who were attacking it, we have them over a barrel.

You see, there’s just one legislative session left before the 2020 elections. That means that if lawmakers kill this bill next session — a bill that is already law in FIFTEEN states -– Iowa Gun Owners will be able to hold them accountable for it almost immediately!

In fact, Capitol insiders are already reporting to me that legislators are terrified about angering gun owners in 2020, because everyone in Des Moines knows that gun owners are the state’s most aggressive fighting force come election time!

But everything, from stopping radical gun control to setting us up for a vote on Constitutional Carry law, is going to require that IGO crank up the heat on lawmakers!

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Believe me, we know exactly how to do that and are prepared to use every tool at our disposal to fight for the Second Amendment.

But I need your help to do it.

The good news is, as a member of Iowa Gun Owners, you’ve seen the impact of your support time and time again. Thanks to your support:

***     IGO successfully made concealed carry reform a top issue in state
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legislation which has allowed 270,000 more Iowans to carry than
before we started;

***     IGO supporters have held gun-grabbers accountable at the polls in
EVERY election since our founding, throwing DOZENS of gun-grabbers
like Mike 
Gronstal and Steve Sodders into the dustbin of Iowa history.

***     We’ve stopped EVERY gun control scheme the gun-grabbers have
cooked up from online databases of permit holders to banning the

***     And in 2018 we passed Stand-Your-Ground and nearly a DOZEN other
pro-gun reforms, defeating every anti-gun amendment offered up by

liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans alike.

I didn’t do any of this, and neither did any politician.

You, and tens of thousands of your fellow gun owners, have done all of this, and reshaped Iowa politics in the process by forcing lawmakers to fear gun owners!

So I know that we can defeat the threats that we are facing this year, if we all stand together. And that’s why I can’t bear the thought of you walking away from this fight!

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For Iowa,
Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The fight for the Second Amendment kicks off in just weeks in Des Moines, and with it our fight to defeat ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ and ‘Universal Background Checks’ kicks into high gear!

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