BETRAYAL: Republicans in Congress Backing Assault Weapon Ban!

The Republicans in Congress are starting to crumble!

As we told you yesterday, the White House is now actively pushing for a ban on our AR-15s and hundreds of other semi-automatic rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

These power-hungry leftists will stop at nothing in their efforts to disarm the American people so they can tyrannize us, even if that means using dead children from Uvalde, TX to do it.

But this attack isn’t just coming from the White House anymore. Backstabbing Republican traitors like Adam Kinzinger (R-ILL) and Chris Jacobs (R-NY) are now publicly calling for a ban on AR-15’s too — giving Biden exactly what he wants!

But this betrayal won’t be limited to Kinzinger and Jacobs. Our sources indicate that these traitors are working overtime to convince other RINOs to support this gun grab, as well.

This is happening fast. Please read the full article below for more information on this bill and why Congressional Democrats are springing this on gun owners right now.

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— Aaron



Less than a week ago we warned you that if the Democrats smelled blood in the water on gun control, they would press the advantage and go for everything.

Congressional Democrats know that if they focus exclusively on passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ (H.R. 2377) or a national firearms registry (H.R. 8) it makes it easier for gun owners to focus all of our efforts on stopping that one bill.

So the White House is using the chaos theory right now.

By putting all of their weight behind three different gun control bills, they can see which one gathers the most support in their caucus, and which one gun owners oppose the most.

That’s why, over the weekend, the White House pivoted from only wanting to pass ‘Red Flags’ and a national gun owner registry to now demanding a vote on S. 736 — Dianne Feinstein’s bill to ban the AR-15 and over 200 different firearms!


Already thirty-seven members of the Senate have cosponsored this bill. And in the House, a stunning 205 members of Congress are supporting H.R. 1808!

Passage of either one of these bills would:

>>> Make it a felony to buy an AR-15 or any one of over 200 similar rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

>>> Make it a felony to buy any magazine that holds over 10 rounds of ammunition.

This legislation has a grandfather clause built into it, exempting firearms that you already own. But this is a blatant trick, designed to lull gun owners into complacency with a selfish ‘I’ve already got mine’ attitude.

Of course, you and I can never fall for this.

Our forefathers fought to ensure that the Second Amendment would pass on to us — ensuring our right to keep and bear arms — and now it’s up to our generation to do the same thing.  


If America adopts an “assault weapons” ban we will be systematically disarmed, and our government will turn into the dictatorial regime that the radical left has always wanted!

These people are truly demented, and they hate the fact that America is the last country on earth where the population is well armed, able to stop criminals and tyrants.

Banning our AR-15’s and every similar firearm is something that they simply MUST DO before they can turn this great country into the next Venezuela or England, where the people are helpless.

And again, behind of all this is the idea that by pushing for so many gun control bills they will overwhelm gun owners. But we aren’t letting that happen. We’re going to fight back against every gun control bill coming out AT THE SAME TIME!

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While the demented left wants to do this, there are still some Democrats who are scared about voting on naked tyranny like this — meaning we can still stop these bills if we stand together!


Almost 250 members of Congress are already supporting this legislation and both bills have been assigned to a committee for review, so these bills can move fast!

And our sources indicate that there are some Republicans who are days away from coming out in support of these bills, too.

We must hammer on Congress, immediately! Help us do that while there is still time!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Hoping that by pushing three major gun control bills at the same time they can overwhelm gun owners, the White House is now demanding action on legislation to ban the sale of AR-15’s.

S. 736 and H.R. 1808 are being supported by hundreds of members of Congress and would make you a felon for buying an AR-15 or a magazine that holds over 10 rounds of ammunition!

These bastards want to use the blood of dead children from the Uvalde, TX school shooting to systematically disarm our country, turning us into the next Venezuela where only the government has guns.


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