Biden is Declaring War with Executive Orders – We Need SAPA!

Gun owners here in Iowa and across the country have a lot to be proud of for defeating Joe Biden’s legislative-based gun control agenda in Congress over the last 16 months.

Sure, Biden’s allies in the House passed some horrific gun control legislation last year but all of that has ground to a halt in the United States Senate thanks to overwhelming pressure from gun owners.

That’s why Biden’s handlers have shifted their approach to overtly tyrannical Executive Orders, advancing their gun control by fiat, and bypassing Congress entirely!

Unfortunately, there is no legislative or grassroots solution that can deal with this. That’s why Iowa Gun Owners is preparing legal action against the DOJ for after these orders take effect.

But in the meantime, it’s essential that the Iowa legislature stop blocking the Second Amendment Preservation Act!


Remember, while SAPA legislation can’t stop Biden from issuing these unconstitutional Executive Orders, it can blunt the impact of them by denying Biden the manpower he needs to enforce them!

You see, that’s the power of SAPA legislation.

The White House has always presumed that they would have free access to Iowa cops, troopers, and deputies to carry out their tyrannical gun control laws and Executive Orders — because the feds simply don’t have the ability to do it themselves.

So while Biden would still be free to issue his BS Executive Orders, Iowans wouldn’t have to live in fear of them, because they would go almost completely unenforced!

This isn’t theory. IGO’s sister organization passed this identical legislation in Missouri last year. And despite their best efforts, the DOJ has failed two times to get a court to overturn this fantastic law!

But before Iowans can reap the benefits of SAPA law, our massive Republican majorities in Des Moines need to pass the bill into law before they adjourn for the year.


There are already three major Executive Orders that have been issued and that will take effect later this year that could make felons out of countless gun owners.

Biden’s first order will make it a felony to have a pistol brace attached to your firearm, even though there are 40,000,000 of them in circulation and they are well-known for making firearms more controllable.

Biden’s second order will make it a felony for any gunsmith to work on your homemade (80% lower) firearms without stamping them with a serial number and notifying the federal government!

Biden’s third order will make it a felony for gun manufacturers to sell (and for you and me to own) an upper receiver that does not have a serial number on it!

These Executive Orders are blatant tyranny! They have never been voted on in Congress! They are a complete violation of the Second Amendment! And they will make felons out of a lot of gun owners over time! That’s why we need SAPA law fast!

Tell your State Representative and State Senator to get this done before they leave for the year, by signing your petition right away.


Iowans haven’t worked so hard to elect pro-gun majorities over the last few election cycles, just to be left hanging when we need them the most.

And we can’t wait until January for them to deal with this as these orders will be in effect long before then.

So sign your petition right away. And when you’re done, please consider an immediate donation to help Iowa Gun Owners continue flooding the legislature with pressure in support of this bill.

Whether you can donate $100, $75, $50, $25 or even just $10, please do so right away so we have the ammo we need to fight for this badly needed legislation!

Whatever you do, sign your petition right away and then ask every gun owner you know to do the same thing — FAST!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Biden’s most recent Executive Order will make criminals out of gun owners who buy an upper receiver without a serial number, a sweeping expansion of gun control, even though the bill never received a vote in Congress!

Iowans need the Second Amendment Preservation Act right away, to make sure that Iowa cops are enforcing Iowa laws when it comes to firearms, ammo, and accessories — not Biden’s tyranny!


Tell the legislature to stop blocking SAPA legislation before it’s too late. Then please make a donation to help Iowa Gun Owners keep fighting for this badly needed bill.