Breaking: Another Iowa Town Wants to Strip You of Your Rights!

You would think that after the embarrassing exposure that city councils in towns like Dubuque, George, Burlington, and most recently, Tama have received this year – after their plans to attack your second amendment rights were exposed all for that they are – that other city councils would take the hint.

After all, it was just two weeks ago that Iowa Gun Owners descended on Tama and exposed their radical power-grab for the entire community to see, resulting in a public apology from the mayor before they did away with their anti-gun proposal.

Apparently, the City Council of Nevada, headed by Mayor Lynn Lathrop, has not gotten the memo.

I just received confirmation that Mayor Lathrop is trying to sneak a vote through the city council to strip you of your right of self-defense any moment!

In fact, we’re told this vote may be imminent. So I need your help today – more on that below.

Nevada Mayor Lynn Lathrop, like a great many anti-gun politicians here in Iowa, apparently believes that the best way to keep you and your family safe from a violent criminal attack is to strip away your right of self-defense when you’re in ‘his’ city.

That’s right: Mayor Lynn Lathrop’s proposal would invalidate concealed carry permits on all ‘city-owned’ property

Of course, this ‘city-owned’ property is actually your property, as it is law-abiding taxpayers, many of whom are gun owners, who pay to build and maintain these buildings that Mayor Lynn Lathrop enjoys controlling.

Never the less, they are poised to vote to make Nevada a weapon-free zone any day now.

But as we learned in Tama, weapons-free zones take away more than just your right to bear arms – because the Iowa concealed weapons permit not only includes firearms but also tasers, pepper spray, and many kinds of pocket knives that Iowans carry every day for self-defense.

But unlike the other gun bans that Iowa Gun Owners has stopped this year, the Nevada Gun Ban goes even further.

That’s because Mayor Lathrop thinks that he has the right to extend this freedom-attacking language anywhere ‘city business is conducted.’

You read that correctly. This proposal could extend the power of this ban on self-defense to virtually every home and every piece of property in Nevada

That’s why I need you to take immediate action and contact Mayor Lynn Lathrop and the members of the city council TODAY.

Tell them that this attack on your rights is simply OUTRAGEOUS

Remind them that ‘city-property’ is actually YOUR property, as it is your tax dollars that pay to build and maintain it.

Remind them that they will be the ones who will be responsible if your family is raped, robbed, or worse, if they take away your family’s and your right to defend yourselves

Demandthat they vote down this proposal and apologize for even thinking about it.

So please contact:

>>> Mayor Lynn Lathrop, 515-382-8420
Email address: [email protected]

>>> Jane Heintz, 515-382-2430 
Email address: [email protected]

>>> Andy Kelly, 515-382-5412 
Email address: [email protected]

>>> Jim Walker, 515-382-4934

Email address: [email protected]

>>> Ray Schwichtenberg, 515-382-2075
Email address: [email protected]

>>> Brian Hanson, 515-382-1406 
Email address: [email protected]

>>> Chris Clark, 515-382-3546
Email Address: [email protected]

Gun owners in Iowa would do well to remember that there is aggressive anti-gun sentiment that brews in Story County.

In fact, it was the Story County Sherriff who recently made national news after attacking Senator-elect Joni Ernst for her pro-gun positions.

When you call the Mayor and the members of the city council, don’t take ‘no’ for an answer!

Expect them to tell you about the public safety committees that they have convened.

Expect them to tell you about the retired police officers they have consulted with.

Expect them to tell you about the professional journals they have studied.

Expect them to tell you a whole bunch of stuff in an attempt to confuse and distract you.

Don’t let them! Don’t give up! INSIST that they kill this proposal before a law-abiding citizen in Nevada gets seriously injured or killed at the hands of a violent criminal.

Stay tuned to IGO’s Facebook page, or join if you’re not already on it,for breaking updates on this situation

Iowa Gun Owners staff will likely be deploying into Nevada to go house-to house to make sure that every resident of Nevada knows about this shameless power-grab being conducted by the city council.

If you can assist us in this, please let us know by email, Facebook, or by calling us.

If you can’t assist us in this on-the-ground exercise, please feel free to chip in a donation to assist us in this vital fight. Whether that is $100, $50, or even $10 – please do so today.


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. The City Council in Nevada, Iowa is poised to leave you defenseless when confronted by a violent criminal attacker virtually anywhere in the city of Nevada!

Despite these gun bans being defeated by Iowa Gun Owners in towns like Burlington, Tama, Dubuque (2 times) and George, the radical anti-gun city fathers in Nevada are pressing ahead with this foolish agenda.

Based on what know at this time, it seems that Mayor Lynn Lathrop intends to extend this ban into any place where the ‘city conducts business’ – thereby banning self-defense on every square inch of Nevada.

Please contact the Mayor and members of the city council (their information listed above) today, and demand they vote this down

For breaking news updates on this situation, please keep an eye on the Iowa Gun Owners Facebook page

And if you can help us on the ground as we go house-to-house in Nevada, if that becomes necessary, please let us know!