Breaking: Carroll County Attorney Urges Passage of SAPA!

The pressure is mounting on the House Public Safety Committee to convene a sub-committee hearing on Iowa Gun Owners’ Second Amendment Preservation Act legislation.

Just last night, Carroll County Attorney John Werden published an Op-Ed in the Carroll paper urging the legislature to take immediate action on SAPA legislation while there is still time!

Werden has been the elected county attorney in Carroll County since 1998, is the past President of the Iowa County Attorney’s Association and serves on their Legislative Advisory Committee.

What’s more, John Werden regularly testifies before sub-committees in Des Moines on issues related to law enforcement and the criminal code. Simply put, it would be hard to find a more respected member of the law enforcement community than Werden!

To hear more about John Werden’s endorsement of SAPA, his views on how passing SAPA is pro-police and how SAPA is absolutely constitutional under the 10th Amendment and Supreme Court precedent, you must watch this video report! 

As you just heard, with two Executive Orders taking effect later this year that will make criminals out of tens of thousands of gun owners here in Iowa, the legislature MUST ACT!

Please contact the Public Safety Committee immediately, using the link below, and insist that they hold a sub-committee hearing on S.F. 2303 right away!


All of the progress that we have made in the Iowa legislature over the last fifteen years, from the passage of Shall Issue law in 2010 to last year’s Constitutional Carry law is being threatened by a tyrant in the White House!

SAPA is how we stop this threat. But we can’t do that if the Republicans in Des Moines don’t pass the bill. Send your emails right away.

If you are not yet a member of Iowa Gun Owners, I hope that you will get involved immediately as we need all the help we can get to fight for this vital legislation!

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For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. With the Carroll County Attorney endorsing SAPA in an Op-Ed last night, and with Biden’s Executive Orders just months away from taking effect, the pressure is mounting for SAPA legislation!

Watch our video report for all of the latest, and then make sure you contact the House Public Safety Committee and urge them to advance SAPA (H.F. 2303) immediately!


After you’ve sent your email, please make a donation so Iowa Gun Owners can continue to fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act!