Breaking: House Public Safety Committee Needs to Hear from You!

Now that Constitutional Carry legislation has cleared a House sub-committee, things are going to move very fast in Des Moines, and I need you to take quick action.

Constitutional Carry (HSB 254) is scheduled to receive a vote in the full House Public Safety Committee today at 2:00pm — and the committee members must hear from you right away!

I know that thousands of you emailed the sub-committee over the weekend, something that stunned political insiders in the legislature. But that was a 3-person sub-committee; these emails are going to the full, 21-person committee.


 This committee has a slim Republican majority but given some of the betrayals that we have experienced in the past, we can’t take anything for granted under normal conditions.

But the truth is that with Constitutional Carry moving in the legislature, I fully expect to see Michael Bloomberg UNLOAD on Iowans with digital, radio, TV, and newspaper ads trying to kill this bill — meaning we must push harder than ever!

Constitutional Carry is a beautiful bill.

While doing nothing to change our current ‘Shall Issue’ laws, HSB 254 would make our carry permits optional for law abiding gun owners, meaning you could carry without have to add your name to a government database or pay fees to the State of Iowa!

Despite what some of the gun-control lobbyists said in yesterday’s hearing, this legislation will absolutely not raise the violent crime rates. Constitutional Carry will lower crime rates, as this bill would put more guns in the hands of law-abiding people.


The enemies of freedom who are opposing this legislation are the same Bloomberg-backed lobby groups that tried to stop Stand-Your-Ground law, ‘Shall Issue’ legislation and every other pro-gun bill that Iowa Gun Owners rammed into law over the years.

Their opposition has nothing to do with safety, crime rates, or anything else.

These people loathe the Second Amendment and the gun owners here in Iowa who stand up to defend it, because we stand between them and their goal is disarming Iowans on their way to turning us into a socialist state!

You see, our fight to pass Constitutional Carry is about much more than the Second Amendment. We know it, the media knows it, and the crazy leftists in Des Moines know it.

And that’s why you need to send your email to the full Public Safety Committee now, because our opponents are working overtime to stop us right now!

After you have sent in your emails, please consider an urgent donation to help Iowa Gun Owners get ready to roll the massive radio, digital, and TV ad campaign that we are going to need as this bill approaches floor action!

When I led the fight to pass Constitutional Carry in 2016 for our sister organization, the Missouri Firearms Coalition, we had to spend almost $100,000 in the final weeks of session to ensure we could counter Bloomberg’s ground game.

And Iowa is nowhere near as ‘red’ as Missouri.

Even in Wyoming, when I helped our sister organization there pass Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018, we had to spent heavily to make sure we could counter Bloomberg’s newspaper, digital, and texting programs that were having an impact in the legislature!

Make no mistake, we have a long slog ahead of us. And we need to get ready for major response from national gun control organizations that are going to do everything they can to stop us.

So if you can afford, please make a donation of $100 now!

If that’s not possible, I hope that you will consider $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford that we can finish this fight!

Please do whatever you can, right away!

 For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners 

P.S. Constitutional Carry legislation has passed a critical sub-committee and is GOING TO BE HEARD IN THE FULL COMMITTEE TODAY!  

This is urgent! Send this fresh email to the members of the full committee right away, and have your friends do the same thing!

This is going to get rough, as Michael Bloomberg will likely spend a fortune trying to stop the momentum that Constitutional Carry is gaining across the country.

Please make a donation — right away — to ensure that Iowa Gun Owners can run radio, TV and digital ads to get this bill passed when it comes up for floor votes!