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"Chuck Grassley is crafting an alternative Republican gun control bill" - Politico

“Sen. Chuck Grassley is crafting an alternative Republican gun control bill…” I had to read it twice when I saw this story on Politico last night. I shouldn’t be surprised, Iowa Gun Owners has been warning about this for some time. Gun owners’ biggest fear, ever since President Obama and his team began their crusade against gun owners 4 months ago, has been a “back room deal” between Republicans and

Des Moines Register's Stupidity Threatens School Safety!

They are at it again. The Des Moines Register’s incredible bias against guns, gun owners, and our basic freedoms is so intense that several months ago they allowed their editorial board to call for violence against pro-gun politicians. Of course, if you or I did this to anti-gun politicians we’d likely wind up in jail. But for them, it’s “protected speech.” Well, in that same vein, yesterday’s “protected speech” from

Now is Your Chance to Meet with Senator Grassley - Tell Him to Oppose ALL Gun Control!

Next month, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be moving President Obama’s gun-control package to the Floor of the Senate for debate. This is the moment that gun owners having been preparing for, for four months. For months gun owners have been attacked virtually every day by the White House, the liberal media, and the anti-gun lobby. Their message is the same: demonize gun owners incessantly until they just quit

Act Now to Protect CCW Permit Holder Information!

Earlier in the year, we watched the members of the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association (ISSDA) come to Des Moines and begin to do what they do best: lobby against your gun rights. Using the intimidation power of their office, these elite anti-gun lobbyists are effective at stalling and killing pro-gun legislation – because they get to use YOUR tax money to accomplish their agenda. As we documented in

Potential Gun Vote Coming up in the Iowa Senate!

Early next week in the Iowa Senate, there will likely be a vote on allowing all school employees to carry concealed weapons on school property. Iowa Gun Owners supports this legislation, a variation of the legislation that Senator Sorenson sponsored for us earlier this year in the Senate. While not mandating that school employees be armed, this legislation would allow any employee who wants to carry a gun for self-defense

Anti-Gunners Targeting Senator Grassley...Will He Yield?

As we reported last week, the anti-gunners are going all out right here in Iowa. Their target: US Senator Chuck Grassley. By now, many of you have seen the TV ads and internet ads launched by these out of state anti-gun lobbies. Their goal is clear, they want Senator Grassley’s vote on universal gun registration. It’s very simple – they want the Obama Administration to have a list of every

Senator Grassley NEEDS to hear from you!

As I type this, the US Senate Judiciary Committee is about to meet to discuss a whole host of radical, anti-gun proposals put together by President Obama and his staff. Everything is on the table today. Everything. Before we alert you to the details of the bill, you need to understand the political backdrop we are facing. The anti-gun forces in Washington know that they need some bi-partisan support for

Most Dangerous Anti-Gun Bill of 2013 Introduced in Des Moines!

While the snow in Des Moines may have sent the General Assembly home early this week – they did not go home without dropping the most dangerous bill of this legislative session into play. The gun-grabbers in Iowa have been hearing from you, loud and clear. They know that you are watching their every move when it comes to the ban on transferring “high cap” mags. Their proposal to mandate

Iowa's Anti-Gunners Attack "High-Cap" Magazines!!

This is urgent. Please take a moment to read this email carefully and take action immediately. As you know, the gun grabbers nationwide are working overtime now to cram gun control down our throats in the wake of the recent mass shootings that have occurred. We’ve watched our friends in other states lose their gun rights – this year – through their state general assembly. Here in Iowa, we’ve enjoyed

Urgent Alert - New Law in Iowa Would Establish Massive Gun Registry!

Like many of you, I will never forget the first gun that my grandfather gave to me as a youth. For me, it was a little single shot, breech-loading .410 shotgun. This gun had been in Grandpa’s family for a long time, and I still remember opening the box on Christmas afternoon and looking in disbelief at the gun laying there. I remember walking out behind the grain bins on