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Des Moines Shooting Demonstrates Utter Futility of Gun Control in Iowa!

For Immediate Release “Early reports indicate that the suspect was already a convicted felon for purposes of federal guidelines rendering him unable to legally possess firearms. Clearly this suspect did what criminals always do and acquired a firearm through illegal means.” – Aaron Dorr, Executive Director, Iowa Gun Owners (Des Moines, Iowa) – A mid-afternoon shooting in Des Moines’s south side Wednesday afternoon was the latest example of the failure

Temporary Pro-Gun Victory in Dubuque!!

Recently IGO put out an alert informing our members about an impending vote that the Dubuque City Council was going to cast to BAN the sales of all firearms in home based businesses in Dubuque. Many of you probably know someone like this who works on and sells guns from their home. Oftentimes they are retirees, vets, and just about the most mild mannered people you’ll ever meet. But the

Anti-Gun Hysteria Grips the Des Moines Register!

In their ongoing effort to clamp down on the 2nd Amendment rights of all Iowans, the ultra-liberal Des Moines Register came out with a story Sunday where they expressed their shock and dismay that Iowans with diminished vision would be allowed to carry a weapon for self-defense. Frankly, when we read this story, we yawned. After all, it’s the Des Moines Register, who cares what they think? This is, after

Signup TODAY for a FREE AR-15 Giveaway!!

As Iowa Gun Owners prepares to meet the gun grabbers in Iowa head on next legislative session, we need to increase the size of our grassroots army, in order to prevent any attacks on our 2nd Amendment rights. As part of that process, it gives me great pleasure to announce that IGO is giving away a FREE AR-15 rifle! This is the exact firearm that Iowa State Representative Dan Muhlbauer

Is the Dubuque City Council Taking Marching Orders from NYC Mayor Bloomberg?

This is urgent. I just got off the phone with an IGO member in Dubuque calling to inform us that the City Council is working to ban all home based firearms businesses in the city of Dubuque. This is not a major surprise, as the Mayor of Dubuque, Roy D. Buol, is a member of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s radical collection of mayors who are trying to stamp out the

When Will the ISSDA Stand Up for the 2nd Amendment in Iowa?

Since the day that George Zimmerman was arrested last year, the liberal media, the anti-gun lobby, and national anti-gun personalities have all been demanding one thing: get rid of Stand-Your-Ground legislation now! Stand-Your-Ground law simply removes the duty to retreat that you and I currently suffer under here in Iowa, and allows you to take defensive action in the face of a violent criminal attack. In addition, these Stand-Your-Ground protections

Happy Independence Day - Get Your FREE T-shirt Today!

Happy Independence Day from the board of directors of Iowa Gun Owners! On this day our nation adopted it’s Declaration of Independence, telling England that we would be a sovereign nation from that point on. During the run-up to the 4th of July, private individuals and loose affiliations of people began to purchase and store weapons fearing all out war with England. Hearing that everyday men and women were arming

US Senate to NSA: Are you tracking gun owners??

For several years, Iowa Gun Owners’ members have been pushing to repeal the Iowa permit to purchase law on the grounds that having it in place is unconstitutional. Having to obtain a permit to exercise a constitutional right is just backwards. More, it harkens back to the era of “Jim Crow” laws from last century where one group of citizens denied the right to own firearms to another group of

Mayor Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Madness Comes to Iowa!

For years, radical leftist zealot and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been on a rampage to dictate how you get to live your life. Whether it be banning soft drinks over 16oz, banning Styrofoam cups, forcing retailers to keep their tobacco products hidden from public sight, or limiting how much salt you can have on your food in restaurants – the elitist goals of Mayor Bloomberg know no

"Mental Health Reform" - Gun Control in Camouflage!

This week the Governor of Florida is being asked to sign HB-1355 into law. HB-1355, a reaction to what happened last year in Connecticut, is similar to legislation proposed in Iowa this year and is something that we may be dealing with again next year. HB-1355 would vastly expand the growing list of “prohibited persons” in Florida who are blocked from possessing firearms – over 100,000 gun owners would lose