Chuck Grassley NEEDS to Hear from You!

Just days ago, a hero in Texas used his AR-15 to shoot and wound a madman who was killing dozens of people in a church with his own AR-15.

The case highlights the fact that guns are just tools, as good or evil as the person holding it.

But never one to waste a tragedy, the anti-gun left is seizing on the Vegas and Texas shootings as a way to advance their anti-gun political agenda.

Before you set this email aside and assume that ‘the GOP in D.C. will handle this,’ please understand that it is our very own Senator Chuck Grassley who is facilitating this!

And he needs to hear from you right away. I’ll give you contact information in just a moment.

That’s right, Senator Grassley’s office announced that Grassley will be moving forward on hearings as early as NEXT TUESDAY to ban the possession of bump stocks!

More than that, in a recent press interview, Grassley stated that banning bump stocks is ‘common sense.’


We expect this kind of talk from Nancy Pelosi or the hardened left, but not from Senator Grassley. That’s why he needs to hear from you right away!

Understand that this has little to do with bump stocks and whether you use them or not isn’t the point.

The point is that for the first time in a long time, gun owners have a real chance to advance our gun rights at the federal level –- and now is our time to go on offense!

Instead, by holding hearings on this bill, Senator Grassley has singlehandedly sapped any positive momentum that gun owners racked up when they defeated Hillary Clinton last year.

Senator Grassley has been in the U.S. Senate for close to 40 years, and in Congress for 6 years prior to that.

He’s one of the longest serving Senators in the DC swamp.

How has that benefited gun owners here in Iowa?

Little to nothing.

Now, when gun owners need him most, Grassley is using his over 40 years of accumulated clout and political capitol to grant hearings to Senator Diane Feinstein!


And that’s why he needs to hear from you right away, to be reminded that he wasn’t sent to Washington to play games with radical gun grabbers — but to fight for the Second Amendment!

So please contact him right away by:

>>> Calling his D.C. office at (202)-224-3744.

>>> Leaving him a message on his Facebook page.

>>> Sending him an email.

Your message is simple: stop playing games with our gun rights and oppose any effort to clamp down on any aspect of our right to keep and bear arms!

Politics, especially in the area of the Second Amendment, is about momentum. We are either taking ground or we’re losing ground.

Every moment Senator Grassley spends granting hearings and talking about banning bump stocks, you and I are losing ground!

So when you talk to his staff, don’t fall for the line that they are trotting out right now which is, “The Senator isn’t sure how he’ll vote on this bill, but he thinks a hearing is important.”

That’s just absurd.

He’s in the news saying that banning these gun accessories is ‘common sense,’ he’s granting hearings to Diane Feinstein, he’s not holding hearings on pro-gun bills –- and his staff is playing these D.C. word games.

Help us stop the Feinstein bill before it moves beyond the committee by calling, emailing, and messaging Senator Grassley via Facebook.

When you’ve done that, take a moment to forward this email to your friends and family and make sure they do the same thing.

The time for playing games in D.C. is over.

The time for using ‘Iowa Nice’ tactics on the likes of Diane Feinstein is over.

The media, radical gun-grabbers, and Michael Bloomberg are doing all they can to pass this gun control bill and derail the pro-gun agenda in D.C.

It’s time to fight back.

Senator Grassley needs to remember that and do his job!

Call him now!

For Freedom,

Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Next week, as a favor to anti-gun zealot Diane Feinstein, Iowa Senator Charles Grassley is holding public hearings on banning bump fire stocks!

More, he told Iowa media outlets that banning them is ‘common sense.’

Gun owners in Iowa sent Grassley to D.C. to FIGHT FOR US, not give away the farm to the radical left!

Please contact him immediately, using the information provided above, and tell him to stop giving in to Diane Feinstein and to oppose gun control in any format!