Cindy Axne’s Declaration of War Against Gun Owners!

For the last five years, we’ve told you that the days of ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ (Democrats who had some common sense and who would vote the right way on gun issues) are over.

And if you ever doubted that statement, you simply had to watch Thursday night’s debate between Cindy Axne and Zach Nunn to learn the truth for yourself.

Far from running away from her record, Cindy Axne boldly declared her desire to ban the sale of AR-15s and make felons out of any Iowan who buys one in the future! 

But that was just the beginning.

From mandating a national gun registry to attacking the ‘Freedom Amendment,’ Cindy Axne went on the attack! What we saw Thursday night was nothing less than Cindy Axne’s declaration of war against law-abiding gun owners here in Iowa!

For a full recap on Cindy Axne’s plan to gut the Second Amendment and make criminals out of Iowans, please watch this video report we’ve produced for you!

If her smug arrogance doesn’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what will.

The fact is, liberal elites like Cindy Axne hate the Second Amendment and the proud gun owners (voters) who fight to protect it because they want to turn this nation into a dictatorship where only the government has guns!

And we all know why.

The members of Iowa Gun Owners have planted our feet right in the middle of that path, and we’re fighting like hell to defeat these socialists and to expand our gun rights even more!

If you’re not already a member of Iowa Gun Owners, there’s never been a better day for you to join our fight for freedom.


If you’re already a member, please consider making a donation so that Iowa Gun Owners can continue exposing gun grabbers like Cindy Axne right up until election day!


Whatever you do, please make sure you share this video report with every gun owner you know in the state, so that everyone understands the hatred today’s Democrats have for gun owners like you and me.

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun OwnerS