Constitutional Carry on the Move!

Last week, Constitutional Carry passed the House by a vote of 59-28!

Last night, it passed the Senate by a vote of 33-9 and is now on the Governor’s desk. Insiders tell us she is likely to sign the bill — making Oklahoma the 14th Constitutional Carry state!

That’s right, this expansion of Second Amendment freedom is playing out in nearby Oklahoma, not Iowa.

Here in Iowa, as we enter what is likely the final days of the 2018 legislative session, Iowa lawmakers are refusing to advance Constitutional Carry legislation.

This, despite the fact that gun owners in Iowa are directly responsible for flipping the Iowa Senate during the last election cycle and giving Iowans a chance to expand Second Amendment freedom.

If this angers you, please take a moment and sign the petition in support of Constitutional Carry legislation that you’ll see further down in this email.

You see, for years gun owners in Iowa have been working to pass Stand-Your-Ground law and Constitutional Carry legislation.

With your help, we passed Stand-Your-Ground law last year, but in the wake of the Parkland, FL shooting, House leadership came out strongly opposed to Constitutional Carry, this session.

The bottom line is that House leadership, specifically Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windshitl, is much more concerned with currying favor with the Des Moines Register than he is fighting for gun owners.

That’s why he’s recently announced his intention to pass ‘Red Flags Gun Seizure’ legislation, earning a big ‘atta-boy’ from the liberal media all over Iowa.
But in other states, pro-gun leaders know that the best defense to our gun rights is a strong offense! Consider:

>>> Wyoming passed Stand-Your-Ground law, H.B. 168, less than 30 days after the Parkland, FL shooting.

>>> Oklahoma passed Constitutional Carry legislation, S.B. 1212, through the legislature and the Governor is expected to sign the bill into law.

>>> Kansas is working hard to pass Campus Carry legislation, H.B. 2789, which would give teachers and staff a chance to fight back against a school shooter!

What lawmakers in these states understand, that Iowa House leadership clearly doesn’t, is that there are no deals to be made with radical gun grabbers and the only response to their demands for gun control is to expand gun rights!

That’s why the Iowa legislature’s refusal to pass this bill, which had an amazing 18 cosponsors and sailed through a Senate sub-committee, is simply unacceptable.

If you agree with me, please take a moment and sign your petition in support of this crucial legislation

Constitutional Carry is very simple.

If you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you could carry that firearm without having to beg permission from the government.

No more having to pay fees or add your name to a government database, it’s Second Amendment freedom the way our forefathers intended it.

Despite media hysterics, this bill doesn’t mean that felons or prohibited persons can carry.

And no, the bill doesn’t mean the end of the current permit system and the reciprocity benefits that come with that.

What Constitutional Carry does do, as state after state that has enacted this legislation has proven, is lead to lower crime rates!

It’s time that Iowa lawmakers stop playing games with the Second Amendment and pass this legislation once and for all.

Help us do that, by signing your petition in support of this legislation today

When you’re done, please consider a donation to help Iowa Gun Owners run our candidate program this summer.

We are surveying every candidate running for legislative office to find out, on paper, where they stand on the Second Amendment.

After all, we have far too many candidates who claim to be pro-gun during election season, but simply will not FIGHT for gun owners once elected.

This is doubly true where Constitutional Carry is concerned!

Once we have the results of our survey program, we will be disseminating the results to gun owners statewide by email, targeted social media, direct mail and even radio and TV ads.

But we need your help to run this program.

So if you can contribute $5 or $500, please help us right away! 

Now is no time to be playing defense, or to try to appease anti-gun news outlets in Des Moines. It’s time to get back on offense and pass Constitutional Carry like Oklahoma is about to do.

As long as the Iowa legislature runs and hides, our rights will suffer.

Please sign your petition and join in this fight today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director

P.S. Oklahoma is about to become the 14th Constitutional Carry state, and one more state to aggressively expand gun rights as the radical left screams for gun control.

Here in Iowa, lawmakers are near to the end of the session and are running in fear, refusing to pass this bill.

Help us advance this bill, by signing your petition today

And, help us get all the candidates seeking elected office on the record for or against this bill, by making a donation today!

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