Des Moines City Council Declares War on Gun Owners!

Des Moines City Mayor Frank Cownie, along with other members on the city council, have declared war on law abiding gun owners!

In fact, the council is meeting THIS COMING Monday to decide on a pair of new city ordinances that would restrict your gun rights!

That’s why I hope you’ll take action once you finish this email — making sure the council members know that you are opposed to any attempt to crack down on your gun rights!

Gun owners will remember that the City of Des Moines has been an enemy to law abiding gun owners for a very long time.

Mayor Cownie has long been a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Guns, repeatedly calling for a statewide ban on the AR-15 and any magazine that holds over 10 rounds of ammo.

Cownie’s Police Chief, Dana Wingert, was a loud and vocal enemy of our successful effort to pass Stand-Your-Ground law, and his department holds joint rallies with Everytown for Gun Safety.

Now they are taking things a step further.

Monday’s council meeting will be the first reading of an ordinance that would penalize law abiding gun owners who possess any magazine that holds over 10 rounds of ammo!

The standard magazine in your Glock 19 — illegal.

The standard magazine in your AR15 — illegal.

In fact, the standard magazine in almost every modern pistol sold in America would be illegal under this proposal!

Additional proposals would come after other accessories like trigger cranks and possibly bump stocks.

Make no mistake, this won’t stop a single criminal.

But then again, that’s not what these proposals were intended to do.

Gun owners know what this is; it’s retribution.

The City Council wants vengeance for gun owners flipping the Iowa Senate in 2016.

And they want vengeance for gun owners passing Stand-Your-Ground law in 2017, after a six year fight.

These radical gun-grabbers hate you, they hate how much we’re willing to fight for our freedom, and they hate how much progress we’ve made over the last ten years!

This is their attempt to get even.

Don’t let them get away with it! Please take a moment to call, email, or send a Facebook message to the council members demanding that they drop these proposals!

>>>  Mayor Frank Cownie
[email protected]

>>>  Christopher Coleman
[email protected]

>>>  Connie Boesen
[email protected]

>>>  Bill Gray
[email protected]

>>>  Linda Westergaard
[email protected]

>>>  Josh Mandelbaum
[email protected]

>>>   Joe Gatto
[email protected]

Remember, this proposal won’t stop any criminals.

But it would make criminals out of thousands of law abiding gun owners in Des Moines — and any other gun owner who happens to be traveling through Des Moines!

So please contact the council members immediately, whether you live in Des Moines or not.

Understand, if the Des Moines City Council can violate Iowa code 724.28 in passing this ordinance, your city council could be doing the same thing in a matter of days!

So please contact the council members TODAY!

And if you’re not yet a member of Iowa Gun Owners, get involved here!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. The Des Moines City Council will be taking up a pair of proposals this coming Monday, making criminals out of anyone who possesses a magazine holding over 10 rounds!

Their goal is to push a radical gun control agenda, trying to get even with gun owners who have greatly expanded Second Amendment freedom here in Iowa over the last decade.

Please contact the council, using the information above, and demand that they honor the Second Amendment and withdraw these proposals!