Don’t Let Biden Put an Activist Judge on the Supreme Court

In just a few weeks, Joe Biden’s handlers will announce their replacement for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who recently announced his decision to step down from the court.

Of course, this has been in the works for months, as Congressional Democrats are desperately looking for a win on something — anything — to charge up their base as they head into the midterms. As a result, Breyer was all-but forced to retire.

Everyone remembers the brutal attacks that the Left waged against Brett Kavanaugh, after President Trump nominated him to the Court. The left lied about him repeatedly, attempting to sink his nomination and destroy his family at the same time.

That’s because the Left knew that whenever they got control of the White House and Congress, they were going to push for the most unconstitutional, freedom-shredding agenda America has ever seen, and these laws would end up before the Supreme Court.

So you can expect Biden’s team to nominate one of the most activist judges that we’ve ever seen to the court!


Iowa Gun Owners specializes in legislative politics in Des Moines and brutally effective educational programs at election time that have led to countless incumbents being thrown out of office. That’s never going to change.

But with Biden bypassing Congress and trying to advance gun control via Executive Actions, Iowa Gun Owners is also preparing to fight for our freedoms in court, too.

That’s why it’s so important that gun owners do everything we can to force the United States Senate to reject an activist justice for the court! In the coming years, it’s almost certain that the court will be issuing decisions on cases like:

>>> Whether or not Biden has the constitutional authority to bypass Congress and make pistol braces illegal by executive decree, forcing the American people to get an NFA Act tax stamp or face felony charges.

>>> Whether or not Biden has the constitutional authority to bypass Congress and force the American people to register 80% lower based firearms with NICS, or face felony charges.

>>> Whether or not the ATF has the constitutional authority to bypass Congress and force the American people to surrender their bump-stocks, or face felony charges!

And with federal appellate courts currently considering magazine bans in multiple states, requirements to possess liability insurance to own guns, and bans on the AR-15 — clearly there will be a lot of gun rights cases coming to the Supreme Court.


For decades, weak-kneed Republicans in the Senate rubber-stamped every Democratic nominee to the Supreme Court, saying that ‘the President has the right to pick his own team.’

That’s why Republicans overwhelmingly supported overt gun grabbers like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan when Barack Obama nominated them for the Supreme Court.

We can’t let this happen again! Letting Joe Biden put an activist judge on the bench without Senate Republicans doing everything they can to stop it would be the height of political betrayal to millions of gun owners like you and me!

Gun owners stood tall last year and forced Senate Republicans to kill David Chipman’s nomination to run the scandal-ridden ATF.

And if we flood the Senate with pressure, we may be able to force Senate Republicans to reject Biden’s extremist nominee again — or force Biden to select a more legitimate nominee.

That’s why I hope you’ll send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Joni Ernst right away, demanding that they oppose any activist nominee that Biden’s handlers select!


To be clear, this nomination is about much more than just the Second Amendment. It’s also about election integrity, border security, tyrannical Covid related lockdowns, the life of the unborn, and dozens of other issues!

Please send your automated emails right away, so Senators Grassley and Ernst know you expect them to stand up and fight back, not play nice with the White House.

After your emails have been accepted, you will be taken to a confirmation page and given the option to make a donation to help Iowa Gun Owners continue to mobilize Iowans to this fight.

If you can afford a gift of $100 or even $250, I hope that you’ll make it now. But I know that Biden’s run-away inflation is hurting a lot of people right now, myself included.

So if $50, $25 or $10 is more appropriate for your situation, I understand, and hope that you will make that donation today.

Either way, send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS right away!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P.S. Joe Biden’s handlers are going to be appointing a nominee to replace Stephen Breyer very soon, and if this nominee is an activist judge, she will fight against gun rights for decades!

Republicans sat back and approved Barack Obama’s nominees Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, and gun owners have paid the price ever since.

That’s why gun owners need to demand that Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst stand up and fight like hell to block any activist nominee to the Supreme Court! Send your email NOW!


When you are done, please make an emergency donation to help Iowa Gun Owners mobilize as many gun owners as possible into flooding the Senate with calls and emails against Biden’s activist nominee.

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