Don’t Let Up!

“That’s the question, will there be weakening amendments or not? It’s all but a forgone conclusion that they are passing a gun bill — but will it be weakened?”

That’s what one insider asked me over the weekend, as Stand-Your-Ground law awaits a vote in the full Senate.

As a reminder, Stand-Your-Ground law simply removes your duty to retreat before defending yourself from a violent criminal, bent on trying to harm your family.

Pretty simple, right?

Not according to the anti-gun organizations and legislators in Des Moines who are using all manner of lies and half-truths trying to clamp down on this bill!

If they are to be believed, the only people who want this bill to pass are racists.

Of course we all know that’s ridiculous, but that doesn’t mean that there may not be attempts to weaken or even block Stand-Your-Ground when it hits the floor.

That’s why your continued action is essential to see this bill become law.

Anti-gunners are nervous about attacking pro-gun bills, and they have good reason to be after the shellacking they took last November.

In the Judiciary Committee we watched as anti-gun Senators blasted the bill, only to vote in favor of it when forced to decide.

So we know they are going to be hesitant to outright attack the bill, that’s why they’ll likely be turning to amendments to gut the impact of HF517.

But if anti-gun legislators can weaken the bill — undermine its effectiveness and weaken the language — they can count that as a win.

That’s why I hope you’ll pour the pressure on your Senator — make sure he knows that you want to see this bill move through the Senate with no weakening amendments!

You can do that by:

>>>  Emailing them; (find their email address here.)

>>>  Calling them; using their cell or the Senate switchboard which is 515-281-3371, starting at noon today.

>>>  Sending them a message via Facebook; this allows for direct access to your Senator with no go-between.

And if you’re not sure who your Senator is, you can find that out by going here.

We are on the edge of passing a fantastic gun rights bill here in Iowa!

But this can also be a dangerous time, as last minute amendments can undo years of hard work getting to this point

We’ve already seen this tried in the House, where they almost passed the bill without the all-important immunity language.

With your help, we stopped them from getting away with that.

But now the Senate has to vote.

That’s why we can’t let up on the pressure — not until Stand-Your-Ground is the law here in Iowa.

That’s why it’s vital you constantly stay in touch with your Senator and remind him to support HF517 with no weakening amendments.

Here’s a sample message you can use:

     Dear Senator:

Last year, Iowa gun owners sent a loud message to the politicians in Des Moines that we want to see Stand-Your-Ground and other pro-gun reforms become law.

     High profile Senators like Mike Gronstal and Steve Sodders were removed from office because they blocked Stand-Your-Ground law.

     With the bill having passed the House and the Senate Judiciary Committee, I urge you to pass this bill “as is” with no weakening amendments when it comes to the Senate floor.

     I expect you to oppose any amendment that would weaken this bill or remove any components of it.

     I’ll be watching your vote(s) on this important legislation.

     Sincerely ________________________

This bill may be voted on this week, so your calls and emails are vital.

And I hope you’ll also consider a donation to Iowa Gun Owners, as we’re working non-stop to get the word out to gun owners across the state.

We’re using radio ads like this, mountains of direct mail, targeted social media advertising, and more to do this.

But the costs are adding up. I don’t want to pull any critical programs. So if you can help us, now is the time!

It was your support that enabled us to expose Gronstal, Sodders, Schoenjahn, and the rest last fall that led to gun owners flipping the Senate.

With your help now, we should be able to capitalize on that program by enacting Stand-Your-Ground law and much more!

Please do what you can, right away.

Either way, contact your Senator now!

For Freedom,
Executive Director
Iowa Gun Owners
P.S. With a vote looming in the Iowa Senate over Stand-Your-Ground law, the big question is whether anti-gunners will be able to weaken the bill with a bad amendment!

The House tried this, and were stopped.

But we still need to pass the Senate before sending this bill to the Governor!

So please contact your Senator immediately, using the information above, and make sure he knows that it’s not enough to support the bill –- they also need to oppose any weakening amendments!

When you’re through, please make an immediate donation to help Iowa Gun Owners keep mobilizing gun owners!

We’re using mail, radio ads, social media and more, but it’s adding up, and we may have to pare back our programs.

But if anything, we need to increase the pressure as we near the vote. Help us do that with a contribution today