Exclusive Chance to Meet Marjorie Taylor Greene!

My good friend, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, is coming to Des Moines THIS WEEK and I hope that you’ll be able to come to Des Moines and meet her!

Since the day she set foot in office, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been leading the opposition to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s war against the Second Amendment and the rest of our freedoms.

That’s why the media hates her.

That’s why the radical left hates her.

And that’s why moderate Republicans hate her.

Congresswoman Greene understands that the future of our country, the freedoms that our grandchildren are going to inherit, depends on what we do right now! So rather than back down, she’s fighting harder than ever in Congress!


So when Iowa Gun Owners approached Congresswoman Greene and asked her to file legislation like H.R. 3960, which would shut down the ATF, she didn’t hesitate.

And she didn’t flinch when we asked her to file H.R. 993, the Second Amendment Preservation Act which bars the federal government from using taxpayer money to enforce any aspect of Joe Biden’s war against gun owners.

You see, soft Republicans love telling gun owners that they are pro-gun at election time, only to disappear once they are safely in office. Not Marjorie Taylor Greene!

(IGO’s Aaron Dorr (Right) and Chris Dorr (Left,) with pro-gun champion Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.)

Now Greene is coming to Iowa to attend the Iowa State Fair this Thursday, and to hold an exclusive event later on that evening, and IGO members are invited to attend!


While the specific locations to meet Congresswoman Greene at the fair or the rally later on that evening haven’t been released yet, they will be very soon, and we will be passing that on to you right away.

Who: Marjorie Taylor Greene
What: Coming to Iowa This Thursday
When: Thursday, 8/19
Where: The State Fair, and an event Thursday evening in Des Moines

Our country is in flames as evil socialists in Congress are trying to tear our very fabric apart at every level of government. Few people have the guts to stand up and fight back.

Congresswoman Greene is one of the few who are fighting for us. I hope you’ll take this chance to meet her in person!

Register today!

For Iowa,

Aaron Dorr
Iowa Gun Owners

P. S. Pro-gun champion and Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is coming to Iowa this Thursday, and IGO members are especially welcomed to meet her at the fair or a private event afterwards!

Register to meet Congresswoman Greene today!

More details regarding the venue will released shortly. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday if you can make it